Protests To Justin Bieber Live In Atlanta Was Fake And Created By Hired Actors

justin bieber protest atlantaAfter spending days and tranquility away from controversial new (at least to come close to reality), Justin Bieber has his fans by leaving peaceful world, but many tabloids that can not wait to publish negative news about scandals and the Canadian superstar, this time experienced the very ‘rumor’.

News around the world fell into a great Trolling, vehicles seriously as CNN, BBC and NBC, reported an alleged protest potential neighbors Bieber in the Buckhead neighborhood after they learned of the star plans to buy a mansion on site but it was all a joke from a local radio station, the protesters were just hired actors and announcers laughed and hours after the passing of Trolling. Continue reading

Audio: ‘I Would Slap Him’ Lead Singer Of Paramore On Reaction To Seeing Justin Bieber

jusin bieber paramore hayley williamsDuring an interview with the program The Morning Mashup , radio SiriusXM held with Hayley Williams, lead singer of rock band Paramore, commented on Justin Bieber and I thought the behavior of the star. Check out the audio!

‘Either He Take Way Or I’ll Kick His Ass’ Steve Austin Sends Message To Justin Bieber

justin bieber steve austinFormer professional wrestler and actor, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was interviewed this week on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show “ and during the conversation, he was asked what he would do if you were face to face with Justin Bieber at this stage of the controversy Canadian superstar career.  Watch The Video!

Explicit Image Of Justin Bieber And Khalil With A Stripper is Fake!

justin bieber Explicit Fake ImagePreviously TMZ has released a picture of Justin Bieber caught on camera sucking the breast of a female stripper with friend Khalil Sharieff. But after investigating photo turned out to be fake. As you can judge:

Case 1: The guy in the imahe is actually Lil Za, not Justin. That “GG$” is Lil ZA’s shirt. The same shirt he wore when he was arrested weeks ago over coccain possession. Checkout Fake Pic Case-2!

Tmz Publishes Explicit Image Of Justin Bieber And Khalil With A Stripper

justin bieber Explicit ImageTMZ released an explicit photo of Justin Bieber next to a stripper with her ​​friend, Khalil Sharieff some time ago at a party in Los Angeles In the image, Bieber appears in an intimate moment with the stripper that exposes her breasts.

The photo shows them both sucking on one breast each at a recent party. According to TMZ, the stripper, who had fake breasts and a classy rainbow-colored Playboy tattoo, was hired to “perform” for Justin and his friends at an L.A. recording studio. Continue reading

Canadian Radio Refuses To Play Justin Bieber Songs Till Go To Rehab!

Justin Bieber rehabA Canadian radio station, Hot 89.9 FM , began a campaign he believes will work and help draw the attention of Justin Bieber . The Ottawa radio refused to play any music singer, until he goes to rehab.

Yes, the singer is banned from Hot 89.9 , until it takes radical action to change their behavior which has caused controversy and resulted in his arrest on Thursday (23). Bieber even after his release, the Hot 89.9 believe that the only solution is the singer go to rehab. Continue reading

Pattie Mallette Interview That She Made About Justin Bieber, Is False!

'Justin Bieber  Pattie MalletteYesterday hundreds of websites, including JB Musicx, posted an interview that the mother of Justin BieberPattie Mallette would have granted the site The Sun, where the site claimed that Pattie was heard about the controversy surrounding the son and request prayers for him.

Interview: ‘Pray For Him Rather Than Condemn Him,’ Pattie Mallette Vents On Polemics With Justin Bieber

Pattie denied on their official Twitter account, which is followed by millions of fans of the singer, who has given an interview and stated that it is false. Check out the tweet from the singer’s mother: Continue reading

Instagram: Justin Bieber Publishes Cuban Cigar Smoking Photo

justin bieber cuban cigarJustin Bieber updated your account in the app Instagram and new photo appears the singer smoking a Cuban cigar. In the picture caption, Bieber makes clear that loves cigars from Cuba. Justin bieber also previously poses with cigar in MTV magazine cover.

The singer captioned the controversial photograph: ‘I’m in Cuba I love Cubans.’ Continue reading

Justin Bieber Fears For Photos Leak And Information On Iphone Seized By Police!

Justin Bieber iphone5The case of the police investigation with complaints of vandalism against Justin Bieber . During police search Bieber’s mansion, on the 14th of January, and video equipment, agents also took his cell phone from singer and according to E!, Bieber fears his photos and personal information from leaking. Justin Bieber is walking on eggshells. But not really as you are thinking, this has nothing to do with gems.

“People Justin are really concerned about what [the police department] encontrarpa on his phone,” the source told E! News without specifically mentioning they could find Justin on the phone that is making him feel very uneasy. Reports say that the star is afraid of naked pictures and messages with references to drugs leak. Continue reading

VIDEO: Lil Za Arrested for Cocain Possession in Justin Bieber Home – Justin Not connected!

Lil Za arrested at Justin Bieber house Cocain posessionJustin Bieber’s BFF, rapper Lil Za has been ‘arrested for cocaine possession’ after police raided Justin’s home in Calabasas on Tuesday morning. Cocaine could land him in prison for 3 years, but punishment for Molly (MDMA) is about 1 year.

A representative for the LA County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the arrest for felony drug possession to TMZ, and said the cocaine was ‘in plain view’ during the raid.

Officials says Justin was ‘NOT connected’ to the cocaine. Watch The Video!