Vote: Justin Bieber Competes For The Juno Fan Choice Award 2014

Justin Bieber Juno Fan Choice Awards 2014The JUNO Fan Choice Award, the only category open to the public for most of the Canadian music awards, have had their polls open on Tuesday (04). Now the task of the army of fans of Justin Bieber is to ensure the victory of the star this year, and continue the cycle of victories that come Beliebers winning the category for three consecutive years.

Thanks to having success along with its popularity on social networks, Justin was one of 10 Canadian artists nominated to compete for the JUNO Fan Choice 2014.  Vote Now!

Vote: Justin Bieber Competes In Fan Choice Awards 2014 Popcrush

justin bieber popcrunchVoting for the 2014 PopCrush Fan Choice Awards are open and Justin Bieber was not left out of the poll indicated one of the largest news sites in the pop world.

The singer competes with his musical work and his film, “Believe” in 6 of 16 categories disclosed. Check each category and direct link to vote in the same: Vote Now!

VOTE: Justin Bieber competes for the ‘Best Dressed Male Artist of 2013′

justin bieber best dressed upWith the end of 2013 approaching, a series of sites start promoting polls with the proposal “Best of the year” . One is the MTV Style , we want to know who was the best dressed guy of 2013, and it is clear that the name of Justin Bieber could not miss. In addition to the Canadian, two members of One Direction, Harry and Zayn, and fellow Canadian rapper Drake, Justin Timberlake and others on the list.

In a statement for Justin Bieber, 2013 was the year of the drop-crotch pant (and ABS). He went next-level with his affinity for luxury kicks by teaming up with Adidas NEO and took his style game from swaggy to suave with the addition of leather (on leather on leather), edgy details, and the occasional Kanye-esque kilt.. Be sure to support the star, Vote Now!

VOTE: Justin Bieber is up for Best 3D Movie on the Billboard

justin bieber never say neverThe site of the prestigious music magazine Billboard opened a new poll where you want to know which is the best 3D documentary on the opinion of fansFive films in contention for major music stars like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, One Direction, Jonas Bohters, and of course, the singer is Justin Bieber. Check out the list of  documentaries:  Continue reading

VOTE: Justin Bieber competes to Youtube Music Awards 2013

justin bieber youtube music awards 2013The channel most famous videos of all time, Youtube, has launched an award to recognize especially the greatest talents and successes of the site called Youtube Music Awards,  which will take place on November 3, 2013. The Canadian star Justin Bieber has a long history of record with the site where it was discovered and emerged in the music industry. The nominees were chosen by the most watched videos, shared, tanned and in the past 12 months. Winners will be chosen by the votes of fans, the polls are open on Youtube. Check out the following categories where Bieber is nominated, the promotional video and the link of the voting: Vote Now!

Harry Styles vs. Justin Bieber, Your Favourite Pop Star?

harry styles justin bieberPart of the job description for “pop star” seems to include being a teenage heartthrob. One Direction’s Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are no exception. These two teens know how to make their female fans go absolutely crazy. Which singer do you think is more better?

Harry Styles woos the ladies with his bright eyes, charming smile and bad boy tats. Oh, and his charming accent doesn’t hurt, either. Despite skyrocketing to fame in 2012, Harry remains a down-to-earth guy who chills out with his guy friends in One Direction.

Justin Bieber, King of Swag, is all about being smooth. He did win Selena Gomez’s heart, after all. When Bieber isn’t serenading fans with hits like ‘Baby’ and ‘Boyfriend,’ he’s zipping around in one of his hot rods or adding more body ink to his ever-growing collection.

Which Pop Star Is Your Favourite? Vote Now!

Looks Mature, Should Justin Bieber Shave his Mustache?

Justin Bieber dont shave his mustacheJustin Bieber took to his Instagram account to show off a very surprising new look — he is slowly growing his Mustache! But what are his real intentions for the new facial hair?

Justin Bieber going shirtless is a daily occurrence, but Justin Bieber with a beard — now that is news! Is he trying to look more manly and mature for his ex Selena? Justin has changed his hair in the past to fantastic results, and he has also improved his body over the years by getting into spectacular shape. So maybe the goatee is just his latest display of manhood — and an effort to get back in Selena’s good graces. Watch The Video!

VOTE: Justin Bieber competes in 5 polls for the ‘Best of the Summer of 2013′ PopCrush

Justin Bieber PopcrushThis week the site PopCrush , famous for creating popular polls with names of several celebrities, has opened a series of contests to elect “The Best Of Summer 2013″ , with 8 different polls. Of course Justin Bieber was not out of this, the singer is nominated in 5 topics, including “Best Summer Tour” ,“Biggest Summer Story” , “Best Summer Magazine Cover” , “Best Summer Style” and “Summer Social Media Master “ . Vote Now!