Justin Bieber’s Baby Reached 1 Billion Views, Most Watch Clip Ever!

jusin bieber baby hits 1billionAfter months of campaigning that began shy, but gained more strength approaching the 20th anniversary of Justin Bieber, the thousands of fans around the world achieved the goal of reaching one billion views clip for Baby , giving the Canadian superstar his first video with this tag.

Reach 1 billion in a video clip has always been the dream of Justin, “Baby” has lost most viewed post of the story some time to clip the Korean Psy ago, “Gangnam Style” (1.9 billion), but even in the place, the brand has always been a goal of the star, who is now the first teen idol to have a video with this amount of views,  “Every time you break a record I’m happy. Among my achievements on YouTube, ‘Baby’ has more views than any video – of all time. So my next goal is to reach 1 billion views on a video” Justin said during an interview with Rollacoaster Magazine in 2012. Continue reading

‘I Love These Ladies,’ Says Justin Bieber After Seeing Reviews Of Old Friends

justin bieber old friendsJustin Bieber showed that reacts well to advice and different opinions about the controversy in his career and after watching the interview of two ladies 100-year-old girlfriends phase Irene Cook and Alice Jensen , the program The Steve Harvey Show , the star Canadian 19 year old responded to the statements of experienced women with admiration. Check out the video with commentary from Alice and Irene, followed by the star’s tweet: Watch The Video!

‘Do Not Believe Everything You Read,’ Katherine Gazda Denies Rumored Romance With Justin Bieber

justin bieber katherine gazdaThe dancer and singer Katherine Gazda , had his name linked to singer Justin Bieber recently due to rumors about a possible romantic relationship between them. Katherine used her account on the microblogging site Twitter to deny the rumors about his relationship with the Canadian superstar, but then deleted the tweet in which he said: “I’m a Belieber and it is an honor to have my name next to Justin Bieber, but that’s all a lie! I never even met him.’m ashamed of who invented it “ .  Continue reading

Writer Paulo Coelho Defends Justin Bieber Recent Criticism

justin bieber paulo coelhoOne of the most respected writers, Paulo Coelho , manifested through their account on the microblogging site Twitter, with respect to increasing criticism related to the behavior of singer Justin BieberTo defend Bieber, Paul revealed that the idols of his generation attitudes had equal or worse than the Canadian superstar, and that even then the audience loved them. Check out the Tweet Continue reading

‘Justin Bieber Is Stronger Than People Think,’ Defends Mark Wright

justin bieber mark wrightThe British Mark Wright  is personality on TV and radio broke in defense of Justin Bieber and made ​​some criticisms of constant trial that the singer receives each attitude. Mark made ​​it clear that relies on the strength that the Canadian star has to overcome stage controversy. Check the declaration of Wright in his account on the microblogging site Twitter : Continue reading

‘Bieber In The Head’, Miley Cyrus On Cosmopolitan Confused Bieber With Justin Timberlake

Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus Justin TimberlakeThe singer Justin Timberlake turned 33 years old, and was honored by many media outlets, including Cosmopolitan , which published on the official website of the magazine an album with multiple photos in celebration. To promote the new publication on Twitter, the Cosmopolitan committed two errors, one of them in the age of the birthday (putting 32 instead of 33), and the other using the name of Justin Bieber in place of Timberlake. 

Soon the singer Miley Cyrus made ​​a reference on the issue and sent a Tweet Print for Cosmopolitan saying: “Bieber on the head” . Check out the tweet from the singer of the hit “We Can not Stop” , Continue reading

‘They Forget How Talented He Is,’ Nathan Sykes Defends And Declares A Fan Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Nathan SykesNathan Sykes, integral singer of the English band The Wanted, quoted Justin Bieber defending him in a publication in his account on the microblogging site Twitter. Nathan is now friends with Justin for some time, both are empresariados by Scooter Braun, and has shared the stage many times during tours where the band opened shows for Canadian.

In light of the controversy involving Bieber, Nathan commented saying all criticize him for his personal life, but end up forgetting his talent, and still proved to be a big fan of the star. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Arrest Has Generated More Than 4 Million Tweets In 24 Hours

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami BeachThe arrest of Justin Bieber lasted just over 8 hours from the time that the singer was taken to the police department in Miami Beach until his trial in jail and bail of $2,500, but the matter is still the subject of headlines this week and was the most talked about topic on Twitter worldwide. The site of the Billboard statistics gathered information with this impact. 

On Thursday (January 23), the Internet paused in their regularly scheduled for Rubberneck 19-year-old Justin Bieber, who was arrested in Miami Beach on suspicion of DUI after being stopped programming while doing a ” handle ‘. According to data provided by TLL, 24 hours after the arrest, more than 4.28 million messages were sent on Twitter about the pop star and her prison – an increase of 717% in activity compared to the previous day.

At one point on Thursday, nine of the ten general trending topics worldwide were about Bieber and his arrest. An avalanche of support from Bieber fans made ​​”#WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin” be the top hashtag on the day, with a total of 596,783 entries between the hours of 04:00 on January 23 to 04:00 on 24th January. Continue reading

‘My Beliebers Changed My Life’: Sighs Justin Bieber On 1st Tweet After Arrest

justin bieber beliebersAfter hours of silence after leaving prison, Justin Bieber posted a message to his fans on his account on the microblogging site Twitter late on Friday (24). The fans were eager for new information or a declaration by the singer and the message the singer made ​​it clear how much is grateful to have the support of their fans. Continue reading

‘I Can Protect My Child’: Father Of Justin Bieber Refutes Criticism Over Arrest Of Singer

Jeremy Bieber tweets about Justin BieberWhen Justin Bieber was pulled over by Miami police in the early hours of Thursday (23) witnesses reported that the singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was in place, and moreover, according to witness accounts, Jeremy himself helped close the street so Justin took the ‘handle’ that minutes later prompted him to jail for speeding and under the influence of drugs. After learning details of the incident, fans of the singer sent several messages with reviews and charging Jeremy to protect and give a better example for Justin.

The father of the singer hit back at criticism from some fans and the media also rumors involving Justin, in a statement on his Twitter microblogging account. Continue reading