Carlena Britch Account What Was His Favourite Part Of The Believe Tour

justin bieber carlena britchCarlena britch, one of the dancers Justin Bieber recently told the site Friday Night Hip Hop what was your favorite part of Believe Tour‘,   the singer’s world tour between 2012/2013 and more. 

AG: What was your favorite part of touring?

Carlena: Travel the world! I mean, we did 156 shows. Then you think “How did I do the same choreography in all these shows?” But every moment is different. It is different in Italy perform in Dubai or Japan, even in New York. The experience is different, the fans are different languages.

One of the biggest audience was in Johannesburg, South Africa in one of the biggest football stadiums in the world. It was about 100 thousand people, I remember I was almost crying with emotion. A very cool place to dance. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Tour Is The #4 Most Profitable Of 2013 With Revenues Of $209 Million

justin bieber believe tourPoll Pro Star reported this week an updated list with statistics of the most profitable tour of 2013. The world tour of Justin BieberBelieve , was out of the mega productions that packed arenas worldwide and held the #4 spot grossing $ 209 million since the first show, totaling 156 shows.

To critics who claim that the singer is in decline, statistics show that the Believe Tour is also the tour’s most successful career of Justin, then My World Tour, held between 2010 and 2011 raised a total of $53 million dollars in about 12 months of touring.

Check here the list of Star Poll Pro with details of the collection of the Believe Tour and a brief summary of the collections below: Continue reading

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber visits and show for typhoon victims in the Philippines

justin bieber show for typhoon victimsJustin Bieber strives to help charities and humanitarian causes, and has recently been lending its support of all forms to raise funds for typhoon victims Yolanda, devastated and made ​​millions of victims in the Philippines. In addition to its efforts with the campaign in partnership with Prizeo, which has grossed more than $600 thousand dollars, the Canadian star of 19 years found a way to still ask for more attention to supporting victims of Typhoon Yolanda and on Tuesday (10), landed in the capital Manila , to show your support closely, with a benefit concert at a community school in the city of Tacloban .

According to Justin, the visit and presentation was also a special way to end the Believe tour, and the singer could not find a more beautiful way to reciprocate with their sensitivity and generosity to the needy. Check out photos, videos and all the details of the first hour of the star in the country Checkout Gallery + Video!

BILLBOARD: Justin Bieber Tour is ranked #1 for the 2nd consecutive week in ‘Hot Tours’

`justin bieber hot believe tourJustin Bieber  took the No. 1 spot on the weekly hanking the  Hot Tours list, the renowned U.S. magazine,  BillboardThis week was no different, the star who is finishing his world tour, “Believe“, with great success comes great scoring presence in the lists that calculate the biggest tours in the world, thus occupying the top of the list for the 2nd consecutive week.

Justin Bieber tops the Hot Tours for the second consecutive week with $8.6 million in ticket sales in the last two cities end of their world tour, the Believe Tour: Mexico and Brisbane City in Australia. The city of Mexico was the final market during the visit of the singer in 12 countries in Latin America. The last date was two (2) shows at Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City that houses 55,000 people for concerts. Continue reading

VIDEO: ‘Just on the cheek’, OLLG Adelaide clarifies Justin Bieber kiss

OLLG australiaOne of the most anticipated moments during performances of Justin Bieber ’s song One Less Loney Girl where the star sings to a lucky girl, who in addition to receiving the long awaited serenade Bieber wins flowers and caresses the singer. It was no different in passing Believe Tour the city of Adelaide in Australia.

During the presentation on Thursday (05), Bieber did everything as usual, except for the surprise ending, which allegedly kissed the girl and that would have been the kiss on the mouth. After falling and videos on the network, Isabella Feleppa clarified what actually happened, commenting on one of the many videos of his moment next to the idol. Watch The Video!

THE HOT HITS: ‘An amazing show,’ says critic after watching Believe Tour in Melbourne

Justin Bieber believe tourJustin Bieber performed the first of two shows with “Believe Tour” in the city of Melbourne , Australia, one of the members of the site The Hot Hits , was present at the concert and told the event details. Justin Bieber did an amazing show in Melbourne, and of course the The Hot Hits was not left out, we had to go check out this amazing event.

The Australian singer, Cody Simpson is right as the opening act (another of our favorites, which in turn explains the affection he receives this site), it kicked off with an incredibly strong performance. It’s not often we have a reception with singers like Cody Simpson had the girls were screaming at him all the time while he was on stage. It has great songs, can sing, dance and play the guitar. He has a cute arms, Cody is an icon Hot Hits Live From LA, it’s good to have him home.

After waiting to hear one of the biggest hits of the last five years, and finally the countdown appeared. It was very funny to see everyone getting up and going toward the stage. But the guards were forcing fans back to their seats. Continue reading

BILLBOARD: Success of Justin Bieber tour in South America puts singer in 1st in Hot Tours

justin bieber believe tourThe site of the renowned U.S. magazine Billboard, specializing in information about the music industry released its weekly ranking the  “Hot Tours” list, which ranks the most lucrative tours and their ramifications. No doubt,  Justin Bieber  was not left out of this with the Believe Tour, occupying the # 1 spot on the list. 


Justin Bieber takes the # 1 spot in the weekly poll  “Hot Tours”  Billboard, based on their shows with  Believe Tour  in 12 countries over a period of four weeks. Five shows were reported this week, 4 of which were held in stadiums. With over 113,000 tickets sold, sales exceeded the value of $ 12,200.000 thousand dollars, respectively in the cities of the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.  Continue reading

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber updates video with scenes alongside fans and more!

justin bieberJustin Bieber updated his account on Viddy app with new scenes moments of his last trips to Believe Tour, The Canadian singer thrilled the crowd and took the show out crazy performances performing many hits including One Less Lonely Girl. among them, their fans singing OLLG and also its passage through the Great Wall of China. Watch The Video!

VIDEO: ‘Never forget,’ Justin Bieber wows fans with surprise at the show in Puerto Rico

Justin Bieber Puerto Rico believe tourJustin Bieber performed show at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and during the performance of “Believe,” fans raised thousands of platelets writing, “We will never leave you” . Justin’s reaction made ​​it clear that the surprise marked the show that has become one of the most memorable of his career. Justin was thrilled and paused for a few minutes to enjoy the warmth of Puerto Rican fans. Check out the video posted by the singer on his Twitter microblogging account and review of the same: Watch The Video!

BELIEVE TOUR: Justin Bieber raises more than $155 million by receiving board global success

justin bieber believe tourThe career success worldwide Justin Bieber to receive recognition and breaking records, this time, his mega production BelieveTour received a plaque of recognition for global success that the Canadian star has been making sweeping hundreds of cities with unforgettable performances.

Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun , published a photo of the board and commented on the new achievement, which was achieved thanks to the efforts and dedication of Justin and his team, bringing as a result 1,859,442 tickets sold , which grossed U.S. $155,304,037 in 124 shows since September 2012 until the 124th show, which took place on August 08 in Atlanta. Continue reading