Justin Bieber New Tattoos ‘Forgive’ And Cross

justin bieber tattoo forgiving crossDays after getting a tattoo with a cross, was finally able to see the full design that Justin Bieber did with the tattoo artist Bang Bang during its passage through Panama at the end of January.

In addition, a new tattoo done by singer was revealed in the right part of his hips, with one word,“Forgive”The complete drawings were seen during the passage of the star by nightclub Vanquish Lounge , where along with several colleagues in Atlanta. Check out the details with the new tattoo and the cross tattoo: Continue reading

Excerpt from the Biblical book of Psalms in a recent Justin Bieber tattoo is revealed

justin-bieber-tattooA photo of Justin Bieber on the published application Instagram showed a new tattoo on the back of the singer until then knew that it was a biblical passage, but there was sure of his exact phrase.  During the show held in Singapore, the sentence was finally confirmed, the tattoo brings an excerpt from the book of Psalms 119:105 . Check out the phrase Bieber tattooed: Continue reading

VIDEO: Pattie Mallette’s Comment on Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

justin bieber pattie malletteWe know Justin got yet another tattoo on his arm, a pink rose, which makes for a total of 17+ now …. and cover up his entire right arm sleeve. How does mom Pattie Mallette feel about Justin’s tattoo?

Pattie Mallette , mother of  Justin Bieber , recently released a teenage version of his book ‘ Nowhere But Up‘, which tells the story of his life and how it overcame several challenges.

With the launch, Pattie is with the busy schedule in order to publicize their work, however, it is impossible to avoid questions about his son being made.  was not different during the interview site Yahoo! , where Pattie commented on tattoos and Justin’s reaction to his son read his book. Check out the video of the full interview below: Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Adding a Rose Tattoo to his Body Art Collection

Justin Bieber tattoo RoseJustin Bieber debuted his new tattoo after appearing on stage for a concert at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on Thursday night.

He was later snapped leaving the parlor, stopping to pose with some waiting fans. Justin also took to Instagram to share images of his new design, accompanying the pic with the simple caption: “Art.” He has now brought his total collection of inkings up to 17 with a new rose tattoo. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber makes new tattoo of an eye on the left arm!

Justin Bieber tattoo eye left armEarlier on Wednesday (17), the famed tattoo artist Bang Bang , updated its app Instagram account with a photo next to Justin Bieber .

In the picture, Bang Bang shows new tattoo singer of 19 years, one eye on his left arm, which is currently part of the body that Bieber is almost covered by the drawings. Check out: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Got a New Tiger Tattoo in Sweden!

justin bieber new tiger tattooJustin Bieber performing another show Believe Tour on Monday night (22) in Stockholm, Sweden, Justin Bieber received a visit from tattoo artist Daniel Grunditz , the Grand Hotel where he was staying in the city. The tattoo artist came to reveal that the singer had made new tattoos yeah, but so far, no detailed information about them had been released.

On the afternoon of Tuesday (23), the Canadian left the Grand Hotel, accompanied by his staff toward the tour bus, displaying two new tattoos on his left arm. Check out these More Tattoo Pics!

Justin Bieber’s New Good Luck Tattoo ‘Koi Fish’

justin bieber new tattoo koi fishJustin Bieber seen with new tattoo “Koi Fish” during meet and greet in Copenhagen, Denmark. Koi fish tattoos generally stand for “good fortune and good luck.”

During the passage of the Believe Tour in Copenhagen , Denmark, Justin Bieber showed off a new tattoo, a fish, in the left arm, next to two other recent tattoos. The design was unveiled during the M & G show in Panker Arena.

The design of a carp is one of dozens of tattoos that Justin has on the body. Check out photos and the meaning of it: Continue reading

VIDEO: Justin Bieber doing tattoo on tattoo artist Bang Bang in NY!

justin bieber tattoo artistThe passage of Justin Bieber in New York, in June 2012 was not only surrounded by interviews and moments with his fans, but also for a moment somehow ‘radical’, when the famous tattoo artist, Bang Bang , real name,  Keith McCurdy ,  go on an adventure with the Canadian singer, and let him get a tattoo. On occasion, Bieber went to the studio to make BangBang a tattoo. Check out the photos and videos of the record of the moment: