VIDEO: Justin Bieber Promises To Surprise With ‘Hold Tight’ And ‘OLLG’

justin bieber ollgJustin Bieber updated your account in the app Viddy with a new video that brings scenes of traditional moment of Justin with a fan on stage during the song One Less Lonely Girl and the audio of Hold Tight . In the same subtitle promised a surprise that comes with preparing Alfredo Flores and involving the songs “Hold Tight” and “One Less Lonely Girl” .  Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber waves to fans euphoric parking in Sydney, Australia

justin bieber fans AustraliaJustin Bieber and his fitness coach Patrick Nilsson, upgraded their accounts on Instagram and Viddy applications with new videos of the moment of euphoria of Australian fans during an appearance by Justin in a city parking. Check out the videos where Bieber appears waving to fans: Watch The Video!

‘I love my Beliebers,’ Justin Bieber updates video with fans in New Zealand

believe tour beliebersJustin Bieber updated his account application Viddy , disclosing some moments of the Meet & Greet which held the evening of Friday (22) hours before taking the stage the Believe Tour in New Zealand, and thanking the fans for their cherished moment he had with several of them through their account on the microblogging site Twitter, saying, “Te Amo..Thank you for making me feel so at home“ .  Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber records video of storm that faced during flight to Brisbane, Australia

justin bieber film storm videoJustin Bieber is already in Brisbane, Australia, where he is serving the agenda Believe Tour on 26 and 27 November, but his arrival in the country was somewhat full of adrenaline while flying since the singer and her team faced a storm, but nothing to stop Justin to record the adventure. Check out a video published by Canadian superstar in your account at Viddy App Sunday: Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber updates video with scenes alongside fans and more!

justin bieberJustin Bieber updated his account on Viddy app with new scenes moments of his last trips to Believe Tour, The Canadian singer thrilled the crowd and took the show out crazy performances performing many hits including One Less Lonely Girl. among them, their fans singing OLLG and also its passage through the Great Wall of China. Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Goes to Adidas NEO Label event in Shanghai, China

justin bieber neo chinaA new stage of the Believe Tour  took Justin Bieber to Asia, where it held his third and last show in China. Enjoying a bit of your stay in the city of Shanghai , Justin attended the party given by the brand Adidas NEO Label , where he is the boy-propaganda.

Justin met hundreds of Chinese fans at the event and posted a video with the caption “Knowing Beliebers here at Adidas NEO in Shanghai.” in your account at Viddy app, which shows the singer talking and taking pictures with his fans, who were very emotional with their presence. Check it out below: Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber goes segway with Jazzy and Jaxon teaches drumming

justin jazzy jaxonFond of his younger brothers, Justin Bieber updated his account application Viddy alongside small. Whenever you can search the Canadian pay special attention to Jazzy and Jaxon Bieber , bringing them to accompany it even touring the world and new videos posted, Justin appears beside both in different tender moments.

In the first video, Justin is walking in his famous Segway with Jazzy and Jaxon second one is taught how to play drums, and you can hear the little saying, “I can do that!” , to quit the hands of Justin and try to play the instrument alone. Check it out below: Watch The Video!

‘One of my favorite parts of the show’ Justin Bieber releases OLLG video, Singapore

justin biebe ollg singaporeJustin Bieber updated his account with a new app Viddy video with scenes of the moments of the OLLG‘s concerts in Singapore (23/09) and Bangkok (26/09). In legend singer declared that the time before, during and after the choice of “One Less Lonely Girl” , when a lucky hits the stage to win a serenade and many cuddles Bieber is one of my favorites on the show. Watch the video in the player below: Watch The OLLG Video!

“I do it for you”. Justin Bieber shows video of his fans during concert in Bangkok

justin bieber fansJustin Bieber performed the 126th show of their tour, the Believe Tour in Bangkok, Thailand. The Canadian star always shows to his fans, the enormous gratitude and affection they have the support they receive from them, and this time Justin has updated its app Viddy account with scenes of his show in Bangkok, which shows thousands of fans during the song  ” Believe “ , which raised platelets written “They can not separate us – Beliebers forever” , to give the song that Justin did a tribute to the fans. Check out: Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Segway busted down one of team member

Justin Bieber Segway busted downJustin Bieber and Segways, a type of electric scooter has an old relationship. From thMy World Tour astro wont use them for walking backstage of concerts and greet their fans.

But apparently the object has not been very good for other members of your team. Bieber updated his account Viddy, with images from the security cameras of the scenes Believe Tour , which recorded the makeup of the tour,  Florido Basallo taking a tumble on the toy. Check out: Watch The Video!