Listen: Justin Bieber One Life, Backpack, What’s Hatnin, Swap It Out And Memphis Song with Lyrics!

Justin Bieber Music JournalsIn the early hours of Monday (23), was made ​​available on iTunes the full digital album from Justin Bieber , the Journals , plus three videos, the collection features 5 new songs: “One Life”, “Backpack” (feat . Lil Wayne), “What’s Hatnin ‘” (feat. Future), “Swap It Out” and “Memphis” (feat. Big Sean) .

The team JB Musicx prepared a special post with 5 songs for you to check all the details of these unprecedented successes, with audio and lyrics for each. Remember that your buying songs on iTunes support is crucial to the success of this project.

The 6th track, which is a bonus on the album is called “Flatline”,  and you can check out the audio, lyrics and link to download by clicking here .

Check out the audio and lyrics of unreleased tracks from the Journals: Checkout All Songs!