Instagram: Justin Bieber Publishes Cuban Cigar Smoking Photo

justin bieber cuban cigarJustin Bieber updated your account in the app Instagram and new photo appears the singer smoking a Cuban cigar. In the picture caption, Bieber makes clear that loves cigars from Cuba. Justin bieber also previously poses with cigar in MTV magazine cover.

The singer captioned the controversial photograph: ‘I’m in Cuba I love Cubans.’ Continue reading

Who’s Dumping Bong Water Out of Justin Bieber’s Van?

justin bieber dumping bong waterJustin Bieber new rumor story that someone was pouring water from a bong out of Justin Bieber’s van on the streets of Calabasas, California yesterday.

It’s unclear WHOSE HAND is attached to the bong … but we do know it’s Bieber’s ride. He’s been toolin’ around L.A. in the pimped out Mercedes party van all week long tmz reported.

TMZ: We’re also told the van was en route to Jim Henson Studios … and later that day, JB snapped a photo of himself inside a record studio. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Smoking Scandal: Betrayed by a Friend for Money!

justin bieber smoking scandalJustin Bieber Smoking comes out to be a scandal, Bieber insisted the incident was a mistake and, following an investigation, Justin wasn’t even on the floor in question, it was actually coming from another star’s room. and feels betrayed by someone who sold these pictures for $25,000 who he thought was a friend, reports New York Post. Continue reading