Justin Bieber Announces Official Retirement

Justin Bieber retiring

Justin Bieber just gave his fans a very unsettling Christmas surprise — the pop star announced retirement in a tweet. The announcement comes a week after Bieber told Los Angeles radio station Power 106 he’s planning to retire after the next album.

“After the new album, I’m actually retiring man,” he said at the time.

Bieber followed up today’s tweet with a couple of others that indicate he might not be retiring for good, claiming he would “never leave” his fans.

The singer leaves a lot of questions unanswered, though. In a very recent tweet, he claims he’s going to “surprise a lot of people this week,” followed with a #BelieveMovie hashtag. Could all this be a promo for Bieber’s Believe movie, opening on Christmas day, or is the talk of retirement real? We’ll likely find out in the following days. Continue reading

VIDEO: ‘No, I’m just taking a break,’ Justin Bieber clarifies that will not retire

Justin Bieber retireDuring a radio interview with Power 106 FM, Justin Bieber stated that it would be ‘retiring’, and the declaration of the star caused comments from fans who thought Justin would be giving up the music, but actually only a few seconds the interview had been released and finally the full version of the interview excerpt was released and it became clear what was already predicted that Justin will not give up music, but who wants to take more time to off at some point in his career.  Watch The Video!