Justin Bieber 1st Message After Arrest, Compares Himself To Michael Jackson

justin bieber michael jacksonOne day after making headlines for getting arrested in Miami, Justin is addressing his police troubles with an Instagram photo in which he references both Michael Jackson and Jay Z.

On Friday Justin posted a side-by-side of himself leaving police custody in Miami riding on the top of an SUV and that of MJ, also on the top of a car, outside a Santa Monica courthouse after he pleaded not guilty to child-molestation charges.

Under the photos, he quoted a Jay Z lyric “What more can they say”. The Instagram marks the first time Justin has publicly addressed his arrest Thursday morning when he was taken into police custody on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest nonviolently and driving on an expired license. He was later released on $2,500 bail. Continue reading

Justin Bieber ft. Michael Jackson – A Tribute Prince of Pop to the King of Pop

justin bieber michael jackson (2)A new version of Slave To The Rhythm , from Michael Jackson , was made ​​available on the Internet, making the world stop to listen and comment, it is a remix involving  Justin Bieber . In less than 24 hours since it was available, it divided opinion between those who loved it and those who did not like so much the idea.

Lucy Jenkins , a columnist for the site,  We Know The DJ DJ Justin, Tay James , wrote in his column for the site, talking about the “partner posthumous” highlighting how the voice Bieber was added smoothly to the sound the legendary Michael.

This morning while I lazily looked at my Twitter timeline was surprised by a lot of tweets with a link to a song. I clicked and was greeted by the unmistakable voice of Justin Bieber and  Michael Jackson ! Not only that, it was an amazing band that I met a few years ago. Continue reading

‘I wish he was here,’ says Justin Bieber on Michael Jackson

justin bieber michael jacksonAs you all know, Michael Jackson is the great idol Justin Bieber , and admire the very King of Pop , Justin also has as an example to follow in his career and positive gestures as a person.

With the release of another edition of the song released after MJ’s death, Slave to the Rhythm that brought an assembly with the voice of Justin and his idol, simulating a duet, on Friday (16) , the singer said on his official Twitter against about his admiration for Michael. Continue reading

SONG: ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ with Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson

justin bieber michal jacksonA mashup of Justin Bieber with Michael Jackson is giving the talk and the song is‘Slave to the Rhythm’ .  As you all know, Justin is a big fan of MJ and edited mashup as really fed the dreams of thousands of fans of the star, seeing a collaboration of Justin with his idol. Check out: Watch The Video!

Paris Jackson Hates Justin Bieber for Not Speaking Out Against “Cutting”

Justin Bieber Paris JacksonMichael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson doesn’t like Justin Bieber?

According to TMZ, Paris is upset that Justin didn’t speak out against teen girls cutting themselves, after some fans tweeted about cutting themselves out of love for him.

Paris is still at UCLA Medical Center, nearly two weeks after she reportedly tried committing suicide by cutting herself with a knife and taking 20 Motrin. Continue reading

VIDEO: Justin Bieber talks about his biggest influences in music, for Teen Vogue!

justin bieber teen vogue coverThe channel of Teen Vogue YouTube released a new video of behind the shooting of   Justin Bieber for the magazine.

In the new footage, the singer said about her musical inspirations are Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men and Tracy Chapman, Bieber also made a point of saying that is happy to do what he loves and is living a dream. Check out the video:

Justin Bieber: ‘I Want To Be the Next Michael Jackson’

justin bieber macleans magazineJustin Bieber has made a serious declaration to Maclean’s magazine: he wants to be the next ‘king of pop.’

According to the magazine, written by reporter Brian D. Johnson, Justin said he doesn’t just want to be a teen heartthrob.

Justin, who knows he’s on top right now, wants to stay there, and so he’s modelling his career after Michael Jackson, the original ‘king of pop.’ Continue reading

Bruno Mars Impersonating Justin Bieber, MJ, Katy Perry on SNL!

Bruno Mars Impersonating Justin Bieber, MJ, Katy Perry on SNL

Bruno Mars hilariously pulled off a number of skits during the episode of Saturday Night Live, most notably in a scene where he impersonates Justin Bieber!

Justin tweeted:

“shoutout to my friend @brunomars for killin it on SNL last night. Nice impressions!! (does a pretty good bieber. lol)”

Video: Watch Here..