Justin Bieber donates $500,000 for the Philam Foundation in the Philippines

justin bieber donate philippinesOn his arrival in Manila, the Philippine capital on the morning of Tuesday (10), Justin Bieber met with some executives involved in the campaign to help survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, which devastated the country in November. Besides visiting the city to hold a concert, distribute clothes and toys, the singer was also taking a check for $500,000, which raised the campaign in partnership with Prizeo , UNICEF and  Action Against Hunger, and gave the value for the Philam Foundation , an institution that is managing the donations of Bieber campaign in the country.

Above a photo of the star, when he delivered the check that will help thousands of survivors of Typhoon Yolanda and  official release issued by Philam Foundation about partnering with Justin, with reviews of the star on the campaign: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber is NOT Coming to Manila, Philippines.

Usher’s Manila concert on July 9 is one of the year’s most anticipated shows for another reason: Fans hope his protégé Justin Bieber will come along to Manila.

Rumors that Justin might be coming to Manila broke out a few weeks ago. It was “TweetBiz” host Tim Yap who first spilled so on his Twitter account on March 25.

A couple of weeks later, Total Girl Philippines posted a “heartbreaking” announcement on Facebook:

“Sorry to break a million hearts, but just spoke with Justin’s Philippine rep and the concert isn’t true. He’ll only be going to Japan for a promo tour but not here ’cause he hasn’t sold enough albums here yet. What are you waiting for? Get My World 2.0 to gold!