‘Waste To Search For Eggs At Justin Bieber Home’: Maejor Ali Protests Over The Police

ali maejor protestThe rapper and friend of Justin Bieber, Maejor Ali went to his account on the microblogging site Twitter while the Los Angeles Police Department was searching for evidence of the involvement of the singer in an act of vandalism, after even be accused by his neighbor of throwing eggs on their property. The searches done on the Bieber mansion lasted about 2 hours and involved a team of several police officers, about 11 vehicles, helicopters and sniffer dogs.

Maejor criticized the grandiosity of operation to only search for eggs, also protesting in favor of the Los Angeles Police prioritize spending big as it was in operation Bieber mansion on more serious crimes such as murder and rape in disadvantaged communities in the United States. Check out the comments Maejor: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Reveals His Phone Number

Power106 justinbieberBig Boy , the famous radio presenter Los Angeles,  Power 106, talks with singer Justin Bieber during one of the station interactive whiteboards. Released a radio player chat on their official website, where the star confirms his cell phone number after the host has connected to the same by means of a joke, and have been entertained by Bieber. 

The Canadian who’s been on the radio before granting exclusive interviews just wondered if Big Boy was no question for you, and then they spoke about the celebrations of the end of the year, and future projects in 2014. One of the other presenters of the program, Krystal Bee, Justin at the end of the call that it had sent to her and her friend Rikki Martinez (who also works in radio) roses gift, and Bieber desconversa it. Check out the audio!

Justin Bieber Mourn the Death Of Paul Walker

justin bieber paul walkerPaul William Walker , better known as  Paul Walker, was an American actor who gained fame after interpreting” Brian” in 2001, in the film series, Fast & Furious . On Saturday afternoon (30) after a car accident in Los Angeles United States, the actor died, bringing great grief around the world, for all lovers of action movies, like Justin Bieber, who by their account on the microblogging site Twitter has mournful if saying he was mourning the death of Paul. Check out: Continue reading

No Evidence, Justin Bieber Not Charged for Alleged Threatening Neighbor

Justin BieberJustin Bieber had received two subpoenas, one for allegedly spit on his neighbor after a brief discussion and another for allegedly be driving at high speed in your neighborhood, the condo in Calabasas , but then these events were analyzed by the prosecution , Bieber is thankfully out of such trouble with the law and the court of Los Angeles refused the accusations against the Canadian star.

Justin Bieber is clean … The LA County District Attorney has just rejected two cases brought against the singer – the case in which he allegedly spat in his neighbor and if he digiriu allegedly speeding and recklessly in his neighborhood in Calabasas. Continue reading

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Lets his Hair Down, Bring Hair flip Back?

Justin Bieber Hairflip Back 1Justin Bieber was as usual, dedicated to music, during his visit to a studio in Los Angeles, but the singer aside about 10 minutes to meet some fans who were fortunate enough to find it near the site. 

It may be noted in the pictures, the singer was wearing a new hairstyleOne of the fans commented that Justin asked her what she thought of the new look, “So Justin asked if his hair was best hairstyle to the side or down and I told him it was perfect anyway and he said, ‘thank you’ ” . Check out the photos and a video of the moment: Watch Gallery + Video!

VIDEOS: Stalker Sarah: “No nicer celebrity to their fans than Justin Bieber” meet fans at Pinz in Studio

Justin Bieber meet stalker sarah at Pinz in Studio 5On the evening of Tuesday (03), Justin Bieber took the time off to have a night of bowling with friends at Pinz in Studio in Los Angeles. The singer arrived at the scene accompanied by Poo BearDJ Tay James and Lil Za . Justin was smiling and could not be otherwise, with the reception he got when the door of the vehicle that carried the Canadian opened and dozens of fans greeted him.

But the good hospitality was not only the fans but the two parties since Justin also played some songs from his new album titled Music Journals for the lucky ones. Check out these and more photos, and videos of the passage of Justin by location: Checkout Gallery + Video!

Justin Bieber Seen For The First Time After Being Attacked!

justin bieber back after attack  2Justin Bieber was spotted Sept. 2 stepping off of a private jet in Los Angeles, Calif. after spending the weekend in Canada. We were happy to see Justin looking healthy and unharmed after being attacked in a nightclub on Aug. 31!

Although he doesn’t look thrilled to see the paparazzi outside the plane, he does look extremely, we’re just happy to see that he’s relaxing after the long weekend — and appears to be unscathed. He was wearing a grey baggy jumper and a pair of oversize red shorts But missing from his attire was his now signature pharaoh medallion, indicating that the large gold piece of jewellery is most likely the $40,000 necklace the star is reported to have lost in his nightclub scuffle. Checkout Photo Gallery!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Being Friendly with Paparazzi, Dinner at Toscana Restaurant

Justin Bieber smiling with paparazziJustin Bieber was photographed leaving the restaurant Toscanain Brentwood , Los Angeles. The singer was with his manager, Scooter Braun and some friends., and he tweeted, “Big dinner tonight. What r u eating?”

Not only did Justin being super friendly and flash a smile to the paparazzi, but he chatted about Selena … and working with Miley Cyrus! He said: “Selena is great” and that working with Miley was also “great.”

At the exit of the site, Justin was also approached by a paparazzo who asked him about the singers Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Check out: Watch The Video!

Fans who met Justin Bieber in Los Angeles, have detail story!

justin bieber with fanOn August 15, while the path of the music video for “Lolly” in Los Angeles, Justin Bieber made ​​the day a group of lucky fans who were hunting the idol through the streets of Los Angeles only to discover the place exactly where the Canadian singer was. One of the fans told all the details of this moment and you can see the full statement of Marlene: Continue reading

In good humor, Justin Bieber and Lil Za stroll in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Lil Za La 7Justin Bieber and his friend, Lil Za were photographed as they walked through Los Angeles. Justin was smiling and made ​​peace sign for the lenses of the paparazzi, before departing on your new custom blue Ferrari.

Justin is enjoying a much-deserved time off from his tour took a break, but Thursday was still a lot of work, as the singer has dedicated itself in the music video for “Lolly” and has been in the studio.Check out these photos and more comics in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below: Checkout The Gallery!