VIDEO: ‘Just on the cheek’, OLLG Adelaide clarifies Justin Bieber kiss

OLLG australiaOne of the most anticipated moments during performances of Justin Bieber ’s song One Less Loney Girl where the star sings to a lucky girl, who in addition to receiving the long awaited serenade Bieber wins flowers and caresses the singer. It was no different in passing Believe Tour the city of Adelaide in Australia.

During the presentation on Thursday (05), Bieber did everything as usual, except for the surprise ending, which allegedly kissed the girl and that would have been the kiss on the mouth. After falling and videos on the network, Isabella Feleppa clarified what actually happened, commenting on one of the many videos of his moment next to the idol. Watch The Video!

“I was embarrassed, did not want drama,” says Ariana Grande on kiss pic with Justin Bieber

ariana grande justin bieberIn last week’s Believe Tour in the United States, Justin Bieber took the stage as the guest of the singer Ariana Grande . Ariana came to take a few family members behind the scenes of the show, as his grandparents and brother, who knew Justin. On the night of the show in Tampa, which happened on August 08, minutes after Ariana tweeted a photo along with the Canadian that generated many rumors and comments on how they would form a perfect match or not.  On the afternoon of Wednesday the singer spoke about the time when the photo was taken, check out: Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber and Las Vegas Waitress Jordan Ozuna Spotted Kissing & Canoodling

Justin Bieber and Las Vegas Waitress Model Jordan OzunaJustin Bieber being seen canoodling with model and waitress Jordan Ozuna during a trip with friends to Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving. He was reportedly seen kissing the model.

A source tells E!News:

In the waiting room area, she was sitting on his lap and they were kissing. Little pecks and kisses.

Right before the flight, in a second waiting room area, he laid down on her left side, and he had his head between her legs and had his cap half-covering his face. She was caressing him on the head and shoulders.

Once this girl and Justin were all suited up in their flight gear, she took a seat on his lap while they waited to defy gravity. Justin was occasionally putting his hands around her waist, [giving her] a couple quick kisses as they got their helmets. He was definitely into her, and she was into him, as I could tell. Watch The video!

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Kiss & back together ?

justin bieber selena gomez back togetherJustin Bieber reportedly posted a pic of himself getting cozy with Selena Gomez … and then quickly deleted it.

Estranged couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were spotted kissing in Norway after she flew down to see the teen pop sensation. The 20-year old singer-actress apparently travelled over 14 hours from Los Angles to Oslo, Norway to be with the pop star, who performed at a concert there recently, and source believe they are back together following their affectionate display, reported a magazine. Continue reading