Bing: Justin Bieber is the Most Searched Person in UK 2013

Justin Bieber Bing Most SearchedSearch engine Bing have revealed who the most searched-for celebrities were during 2013 in the UK. Justin Bieber has topped this year’s list, jumping five spots from last year.

In a battle of the power women, Beyonce beat royal mother Kate Middleton as the most-searched for woman on Bing this year. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift also made the 10.

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian made the top 10 most-searched for celebrities for the second year in a row, both jumping two spots.

One Direction fans can rest easy, while none of the boys feature on the celebrity list, they top the music artist list.

The top 10 searched-for celebrities in the UK are listed below: Continue reading

Calabasas Mayor Welcomes Justin Bieber to his New $6M Mansion (California)

Justin Bieber has bought a mansion in Calabasas, California. He has splashed out just over $6 million on the 9,000 square foot property in Calabasas, an affluent area in the San Fernando Valley, 22 miles from Los Angeles.

After negotiating back and forth with the seller — who wanted $7.5 mil — Justin inked the deal for a little more than $6 mil. He’ll get the keys by the end of June, reports

The Mayor of Calabasas, Mary Sue Maurer, couldn’t be more thrilled, telling TMZ:

“Justin is welcomed to Calabasas and his privacy will be respected just like everyone else’s.”

One of the big attractions for the Biebs — the property is nestled in a gated community that has not just one but two security gates.

At just 18-years old Justin Bieber has his own mansion, but we all knew that was coming. What might be most surprising is that the 18-yaer-old didn’t buy an apartment in Los Angeles which would allow him to stay close to all of the nightlife action the city has to offer. In any case Bieber is just 22 miles away from Hollywood and let’s be honest, the party will come to Justin Bieber anytime he wants it to.

Justin Bieber spent a considerable amount of time hunting down the perfect home, now he just have to get over the fact that Kim Kardashian lives in his neighborhood.

Kim Kardashian was Joking About Dating Justin Bieber

A few days back fans were shocked to hear Kim Kardashians say of Justin Bieber: “Would I date him? If he was of legal age. He definitely has this swag to him.”

But now Kim has laughed off the quotes, which is sure to sadden Justin Bieber (who has admitted on several occasions to having the hots for Kim).

“I was joking!” Kardashian said about dating JB. “It’s like, ‘Come on, people’, I would never seriously date a 16-year-old, an 18-year-old, a 20-year-old.

“It’s all in fun,” Kim told Access Hollywood. “I like ‘em young but even if he was legal, that’s still too young for me!”

Kim Kardashian Admits She is Too Old for Justin Bieber

Kim Kardashian finally admits she’s a wee bit too OLD to date 16 yo Justin Bieber — in fact, she’s so old that she could be his mom! Eww.

Kim told EXTRA, “I think it shows obviously he has a huge following of young girls,” …….. “We would not seriously date. I could literally be his mom. To all the Beeb-lievers out there, we’re just friends.”

Although Kim seems to prefer younger men – new boyfriend Miles Austin is 26 and ex-BF Reggie Bush is 25, Kim swears that she and JB are just friends.

Having said that, 5 years from now, Justin will be 21, and Kim will be 34. Will Justin still too young for Kim? arghh…. :)

Kim Kardashian got Bieber Fever

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter recently to share with her fans her love of pop sensation Justin Bieber. Recently Kim was trying to set Justin up with one of her younger sisters, but it seems she’s gotten over that and she wants him for herself now that she’s single after breaking up with football star Reggie Bush.

Kim Tweeted: It’s amazing how Justin Bieber is a trending topic every single day! I think I have Bieber Fever!!!

And Justin Bieber, who got the message, responded: wow. thanks kim … and hello.

Justin must have been super excited because in a number of interviews he has mentioned that if he could have any girl in the world it would either be Beyonce or Kim – and since Beyonce is already married (to Jay-Z) it seems like Kim’s the one most likely to have the moves put on her by Justin!