Vote: Justin Bieber Competes For The Juno Fan Choice Award 2014

Justin Bieber Juno Fan Choice Awards 2014The JUNO Fan Choice Award, the only category open to the public for most of the Canadian music awards, have had their polls open on Tuesday (04). Now the task of the army of fans of Justin Bieber is to ensure the victory of the star this year, and continue the cycle of victories that come Beliebers winning the category for three consecutive years.

Thanks to having success along with its popularity on social networks, Justin was one of 10 Canadian artists nominated to compete for the JUNO Fan Choice 2014.  Vote Now!

Justin Bieber and Beliebers win the 2013 JUNO Fan Choice Award!

justin bieber juno fan choice awards 2013Thanks to the support of his millions of fans, Justin Bieber and Beliebers won the only category with open voting in most Canadian music awards, the JUNO Awards 2013 in the category JUNO Fan Choice ( ’Best Fans’) .

The ceremony held on Sunday (21), Canada, has finally revealed the winners among the greatest music talents in the homeland of Justin. Continue reading