‘I Will Never Leave You’ Justin Bieber Joked about Retirement And Wish Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Justin BieberJustin Bieber left some fans confused after tweeting, My beloved Beliebers, it’s official, I’m retiring, the singer decided to make a joke, something typical from the singer on their social networks and to reassure fans call Justin posted then “Lol” , which means “laughing out loud,” making it clear that he was just joking.

The subject of ‘retirement’ singer has been circulating in the media and has been clarified by Justin and his team, but it was not long before some tabloid sensationalist texts already disclose tweet about Justin. After 48 minutes later Justin returned to his account on the microblogging site Twitter and made ​​it clear to fans and even wished Merry Christmas to them. Check out the tweets and pics: Continue reading