Justin Bieber Is Launching A New Edition Fragrance ‘Girlfriend’

Justin bieber Fragrance Girlfriend 2Yes, after the Someday , Girlfriend and The Key , according to Justin Bieber Fragrances UK & IRE , on 16 February will be a 4th fragrance launched the Canadian superstar also showed the picture of the ‘new’ fragrance, it is a new edition of the already released “Girlfriend”, but that plus a new design, the perfume also has a new smell in his composition.The page that promotes the scents of Justin Bieber in the UK announced the novelty and mystery as did the appearance and name of the new perfume. Check the photo with caption Continue reading

‘The scent of a girl who smells good is in my memory’: Justin Bieber

justin bieber the keyIn a recent interview with Top of the Pops Magazine , Justin Bieber revealed that the scent of a girl is one of the most important items to earn it. The singer who recently released her third fragrance, theThe Key , said that if a girl smells good, it never forgets her perfume and for those who want to hit that Justin likes the smell, their fragrances are hand-picked some of the smells the appeal in full.

Justin Bieber loves girls and fragrant with the smell of its fragrance.

The singer of 19 years likes to smell women using a few drops of her new perfume, “The Key” and admitted that women always remember the good smell they have. Continue reading

Justin Bieber vs. One Direction vs. Taylor Swift In The Ultimate Perfume Battle Showdown!

JustinBieber onedirection taylorswift perfumeANDPOP guys put their noses to test three of this year’s most anticipated celebrity perfumes: The Key by Justin Bieber, One Direction’s Our Moment and Taylor by Taylor Swift. Can you guess which scent reigns supreme? Find out!! Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber releases new video of the fragrance ‘The Key’!

justin bieber the keyWhenever can Justin Bieber uses their social networks to share moments of your daily life and surprise your fans with videos and pictures of your new projects. On the afternoon of Friday (30), the Canadian star shared a new promotional video for her new fragrance, “ The Key . With the promise that this is one of the gifts he will bring during the weekend. Check out the video below: Watch The video1