‘I Was Much Worse Than Him,’ Member Of The Band Hot Chelle Rae Defends Justin Bieber

justin bieber hot chelle raeThe band Hot Chelle Rae , who have already opened some shows the most recent tour of Justin BieberBelieve Tour“, commented during a radio interview with  92.3 Now about the criticism that the star has received on account of the controversial issues that are involved.

One member Ryan Follese , Justin defended and even commented on the surprise to be able to open some of the shows successful tour of the Canadian superstar.  Continue reading

‘I Am Sorry For Justin Bieber’: Pixie Lott Defends The Singer Of Negativity And Criticism Of Media

Justin Bieber Pixie LottDuring an interview with Mirror the singer, Pixie Lott quoted Justin Bieber and harassment that the singer suffers from the media as well as the focus on each step of the star and constant criticism every time it makes a mistake. Check out what 23 Years old  English singer commented: Continue reading

Writer Paulo Coelho Defends Justin Bieber Recent Criticism

justin bieber paulo coelhoOne of the most respected writers, Paulo Coelho , manifested through their account on the microblogging site Twitter, with respect to increasing criticism related to the behavior of singer Justin BieberTo defend Bieber, Paul revealed that the idols of his generation attitudes had equal or worse than the Canadian superstar, and that even then the audience loved them. Check out the Tweet Continue reading

‘Justin Bieber Is Stronger Than People Think,’ Defends Mark Wright

justin bieber mark wrightThe British Mark Wright  is personality on TV and radio broke in defense of Justin Bieber and made ​​some criticisms of constant trial that the singer receives each attitude. Mark made ​​it clear that relies on the strength that the Canadian star has to overcome stage controversy. Check the declaration of Wright in his account on the microblogging site Twitter : Continue reading

‘I Wanted To Be As Successful As Him’ Toronto Mayor Defends Justin Bieber

rob fordRob Ford , Mayor of Toronto, Canada, recently defended the singer Justin Bieber , who is the subject of constant attention and rumors in the media due to the controversial events in his career and personal life.

During an interview conducted by phone for a radio program in Washington, DC,  Ford said that Bieber is only 19 and asked the radio broadcasters, who called the singer “Worst export from Canada,” so that when they had to re-member same age. Continue reading

‘Stop Oppress Him, I Got Him To The End,’ Ryan Butler Defends Justin Bieber From The Haters

justin bieber ryan butlerIn a recent post on the internet, Ryan Butler, best friend of Justin Bieber , vented and said his thoughts on everything that has happened to the singer. Besides defending Justin, Ryan also commented that his friend remains strong, even with the turbulent phase. Check out the post: Continue reading

‘They Forget How Talented He Is,’ Nathan Sykes Defends And Declares A Fan Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Nathan SykesNathan Sykes, integral singer of the English band The Wanted, quoted Justin Bieber defending him in a publication in his account on the microblogging site Twitter. Nathan is now friends with Justin for some time, both are empresariados by Scooter Braun, and has shared the stage many times during tours where the band opened shows for Canadian.

In light of the controversy involving Bieber, Nathan commented saying all criticize him for his personal life, but end up forgetting his talent, and still proved to be a big fan of the star. Continue reading

‘People Are Being Too Harsh With Him’ Ellie Goulding On Justin Bieber

justin bieber ellie gouldingDuring an interview with Capital FM , the English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, defended Justin Bieber constant criticism of the media, which intensified after his arrest

“Everyone goes through this phase a sort of just messing up a bit, I did it too.’s A strange life, we should not take everything so seriously, but at your level, even at my level, which is the way most below it, it’s weird. You have to do some strange things and your life can get a little intense “ .

She added: “It is not strange that from time to time you fail and it just happens, I think everyone has an epiphany eventually and realize that they are lost and are not in a good place and you fix it.”

However, it is not only the arrest of Justin that made him a target of bad media, but several earlier incidents. However, Ellie stood firm in saying that the troubled pop star can overcome his demons. Continue reading

‘I Feel Like People Like To Attack him’: Kylie Jenner, Defending Justin Bieber

kylie jenner defend justin bieberKylie Jenner was interviewed and during the chat, Kylie was asked about his opinion on the latest events involving Justin Bieber . Kylie has proven to be an admirer of Justin and his work and did not hesitate to defend the friend of judgments that the controversies involving the Canadian have caused in the media and among other celebrities.

Kylie Jenner is among the famous faces who are coming to the defense of Justin Bieber.The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashian was honest with the reporter from E!, Ken Baker to talk about the recent police raid on the home of the pop star in Calabasas, Calif., where authorities raided the mansion Bieber on Tuesday January 14, looking for evidence linking the singer (or your friends) to egg throwing incident, which occurred last week. Watch The Video!

‘The media creates nonsense about Justin Bieber’: Jacque Rae defending the singer

jacque rae justin bieberA longtime friend of Justin Bieber , Jacque Rae , 19, came in defense of the Canadian singer on his Twitter microblogging account after being questioned by a fan feels the need to defend friend in the midst of so many rumors surrounding his personal life and career.

Justin who is in China has been making headlines after a photo of the singer being carried by his bodyguards when he was this week in the Wall of China was a long controversy, tabloids and websites who tried to make an image of ‘spoiled brat and arrogant’ for Justin. Jacque claimed that in addition to exaggerate and try to always show the negative side of the stories about Justin, the media past the point in approaches to the shot, since it was just a joke between Justin and his bodyguards. Check out the declarations of model and American actress: Continue reading