‘Leave Justin Bieber Alone, Everyone Smokes Weed’ Kenny Hamilton Address Phillip Seymour Hoffman Death!

Justin Bieber Kenny HamiltonFormer bodyguard of Justin BieberKenny Hamilton , who is a friend and a part of the singer’s team made ​​a publication in his account in the app Instagram , which cited the Canadian. Hamilton initially made ​​a reference to a story, and mourned the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman , who was found dead in New York on Sunday (02) and then called attention to an article that talked about Bieber. Kenny criticizes the news in the headlines and highlights reports that Justin walked skate during the feast  Leather & Laces Superbowl Party , thinking the same unnecessary. 

Kenny was always very close to Justin, being with him since the beginning of his career, and his testimony in the photo caption defended his friend, asking people to stop commenting both his personal life generating so many controversies about the same. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Mourn the Death Of Paul Walker

justin bieber paul walkerPaul William Walker , better known as  Paul Walker, was an American actor who gained fame after interpreting” Brian” in 2001, in the film series, Fast & Furious . On Saturday afternoon (30) after a car accident in Los Angeles United States, the actor died, bringing great grief around the world, for all lovers of action movies, like Justin Bieber, who by their account on the microblogging site Twitter has mournful if saying he was mourning the death of Paul. Check out: Continue reading

‘Not before you check the facts,’ Justin Bieber being the artist with the most rumors

justin bieber rumorsJustin Bieber is the victim of many rumors, and in a recent survey conducted by Synthesio the camtor was regarded as the artist who has more rumors, mostly of his death spread. Commenting on the subject: On Twitter, nobody dies more than Justin Bieber .

Keep an eye on hashtags, Beliebers. The fact is that Justin Bieber is not dead, at least not literally. But it is the musician who receives more reports of dead, according to a study of the death rumors on Twitter.

The death of the pop superstar is falsely reported approximately every two weeks, according to the Synthesio a global social network and company analysis. Continue reading