Justin Bieber Moments That Made 2013 The ‘Believe’ Year

Justin Bieber BelieveWhen we asked for a fan of Justin Bieber set the year 2013 for the singer and his followers in a word, there are many emotions in each one: controversial, resilience, strength, faith, troubled family, intense, confident, love, solidarity , marriage, unbreakable, hard, music, battle, focus, revealing, unforgettable …

2013 was all this and more on Justin and his fans. In the midst of a real jungle, and the food chain that most of the media followed, were the prey, Justin and his loyal army of fans, everyone left the comfort zone that has called them to a confrontation in a while, but nothing compared to 2013. Yes, in 2013 the media did what it has done through various global phenomena, stays in his sensational model ever, what was not expected was the strength and voracious defense Beliebers for Justin and Justin himself for them and the desire to remain Follow your dream.

Somehow, an image that Justin was perfect on one side the media tried to show all the ways he was just someone so flawed that it should be discarded, the other saw the obvious Justin is not perfect and is human, human like never before (or never wanted to see), all came out of the comfort zone. Continue reading

VIDEOS: TOP 5 best choreography with the music album ‘Believe’

Justin Bieber Choreography BelieveTo go further in climate Believe Tour in World, the team JB Musicx decided to do a Top 5 with the best choreography made ​​by fans with the songs from the album Believe“, which forms most of the songs that are part of the set list of tour. And if you like to venture a few small steps, check out the videos below: Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber show at the Singapore Grand Prix – Believe Tour Asia 2013

Justin Bieber Believe Tour Singapore 1The Believe Tour is back with his latest stage started on Monday (23), the event Singapore Grand Prix in Singapore . The show Justin Bieber in Asia brought innovations in costumes and emotions double, with the longing that the star and his faithful followers were to see him on stage.

As the big push to publicize the event, Singapore Grand Prix, Justin followed the set list of the tour on a stage designed with three runways, instead of one, as the previous shows. Besides covering held on our website, prepared this post with photos and videos of some of the great moments of the show. Check out: Checkout Video + Photo Gallery!

‘Boyfriend’ is one of the biggest selling singles in the history of digital music in the United States

justin bieber boyfriend‘Boyfriend’ was the first single from the album ‘Believe’ and Justin Bieber has achieved many records and sales success worldwide with the same. More than a year after the song still stands out and according to statistics Chart News , “Boyfriend” is one of the biggest selling singles in music history in the United States, where it reached 521 000 copies sold in its first week of debut, ranking 4th in the ranking. Check out the tweet Chart News : Continue reading

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Justin Bieber Concert Brooklyn NYJustin Bieber performed his 119th show Believe Tour  in Brooklyn, New York . With performances of songs, playing drums, guitar, piano or dancing, Justin sang and thrilled the crowd with some of his earliest and many of today’s hit songs from his album, “ Believe . “

The Canadian singer is in town for a few days, took his successful world tour back on stage Barclays Center and made an unforgettable show for more than 20 thousand people thronging the capacity limit of the site. Check details of this show brought together by our team: Watch The video!

LISTEN FULL ALBUMS: Justin Bieber four Albums entering the bestseller list of the decade!

justin bieber bestseller albumThis week, the website specializing in music, The Lava Lizard released a list of 50 best-selling albums of the decade in the United States. Justin Bieber was not out of the rankings of the giants of the music world, the list that brought the album charts since 2010 to the present day, based on charts and sales figures of these artists.

Bieber took the 1st place went to the singer Adele, but charted with 4 of their albums, including the latest, “Believe” . Check out the positions that Justin albums were on the list: LISTEN FULL ALBUMS!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert in XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut!

Justin Bieber Concert ConnecticutIt was the turn of  Hartford , Connecticut, to receive the emotions of the show’s Believe Tour brought by singer  Justin Bieber . The XL Center Arena was packed for the Canadian fans who followed the presentation with great enthusiasm. Check out more moments of this show of the tour: Watch The video!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Concert at Gelredome in Arnhem, Netherlands

justin bieber NetherlandsOn this Saturday night (13), Justin Bieber performed show Believe Tour in Arnhem, the Netherlands and waved a crowd of thousands of Beliebers in sold-out show at Gelredome Arena.Check out all the details of the show in videos separated by our team: Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: First show Justin Bieber in Antwerp, Belgium

justin bieber belgiumJustin Bieber performs one more show Believe Tour , this time in Antwerp, Belgium. With a packed house, Bieber showed the fans a real show, full of exciting moments, comes with one super high-tech structure.

Check out all the details of the show, in videos below: Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Concert at Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

justin bieber Wien vienna-believe tourJustin Bieber performed one of the most remarkable concerts with the Believe Tour , this time at the  Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria Even with 1 hour delay, when Justin finally took the stage, the more than 15,500 fans who packed the sold-out arena, were euphoric and having  ”the best show of their lives” , as described by thousands of fans of Canadian singer, minutes after the show, comments on the microblog Twitter. 

After Justin took the stage and began to perform with the right performances dancing and also with a touch more intimate, acoustic performances during the ‘Fall’ and ‘Be Alright’ , all the waiting was worth it, and even when one of the drumsticks broke during his drum solo, the singer lost his rhythm. Watch The Video!