Justin Bieber Moments That Made 2013 The ‘Believe’ Year

Justin Bieber BelieveWhen we asked for a fan of Justin Bieber set the year 2013 for the singer and his followers in a word, there are many emotions in each one: controversial, resilience, strength, faith, troubled family, intense, confident, love, solidarity , marriage, unbreakable, hard, music, battle, focus, revealing, unforgettable …

2013 was all this and more on Justin and his fans. In the midst of a real jungle, and the food chain that most of the media followed, were the prey, Justin and his loyal army of fans, everyone left the comfort zone that has called them to a confrontation in a while, but nothing compared to 2013. Yes, in 2013 the media did what it has done through various global phenomena, stays in his sensational model ever, what was not expected was the strength and voracious defense Beliebers for Justin and Justin himself for them and the desire to remain Follow your dream.

Somehow, an image that Justin was perfect on one side the media tried to show all the ways he was just someone so flawed that it should be discarded, the other saw the obvious Justin is not perfect and is human, human like never before (or never wanted to see), all came out of the comfort zone. Continue reading