VIDEO: Two Lucky Fans Who Met Justin Bieber In Apple Store, Got Iphone 5 Gifted

justin bieber apple storeTwo lucky fans who met Justin Bieber singer and got iPhones gifted in New York on February 1, and asked how was the experience. The girls reported that appeared in the Canadian Store Apple Store while they watched their newest music video, “Confident“, and that as soon as he saw them talked to them and then asked what the favorite color of each to buy the iPhone and to gift them. Watch The Video!

‘They Forget How Talented He Is,’ Nathan Sykes Defends And Declares A Fan Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Nathan SykesNathan Sykes, integral singer of the English band The Wanted, quoted Justin Bieber defending him in a publication in his account on the microblogging site Twitter. Nathan is now friends with Justin for some time, both are empresariados by Scooter Braun, and has shared the stage many times during tours where the band opened shows for Canadian.

In light of the controversy involving Bieber, Nathan commented saying all criticize him for his personal life, but end up forgetting his talent, and still proved to be a big fan of the star. Continue reading

Justin Bieber performs with fan who survived cancer, to be the Dream OLLG in the show, Perth

justin bieber ollg perthThroughout his journey with the Believe TourJustin Bieber has been carrying dreams of several people and strives to support various charity campaigns. Through a partnership with the Make a Wish Foundation , hundreds of fans with a variety of serious diseases had their desire to know the star serviced.

It was no different with Nicola Walsh, a 15-year old who realized his dream at the last show of the Believe Tour, Dec. 8, at the Perth Arena, Australia. The fan who survived a rare type of bone cancer, got his wish and even a special night, becoming the latest One Less Lonely Girl Bieber’s world tour.

It was with eyes full of tears that Belieber Nicola Walsh scored the first of his international idol, pop star Justin Bieber. Continue reading

Justin Bieber at birthday of Erica, the daughter of a Canadian billionaire– Private Concert for $60k?

justin bieber fan birthday party 1It was surprising for a fan of Justin Bieber in particular Shnaider Erica , the daughter of a Canadian billionaire who decided to surprise the young man in his 16th birthday, held in Toronto , Canada, surprising her with the distinguished presence of his idol.The site The Star interviewed one of the people attending the party which had more details about the passage of the Local singer. 

Justin Bieber at Erica’s sweet 16 birthday party in Toronto. According to reports, she had to pay at least $60,000 to invite Justin in her birthday. she’s just a huge belieber who happens to be rich and lucky, reported JBZ.

Erica is the same girl that met Justin in a private jet in Atlanta weeks ago on August 12. They met at a small airport in ATL. We believe her parents own private jets or something. She and her friend posted video on youtube, but they removed it. Continue reading

‘They told me that Justin would never know that I exist,’ know the story of Shelly, the ‘Black OLLG’

justin bieber black ollgDuring the show’s Believe Tour in Tampa, Fla., was realized the great dream of a Belieber called Shelly (@BlackOLLG), even after receiving negative messages that could never meet Justin Bieber and even be harassed because of their ethnicity, where many doubted that it could be a “One Less Lonely Girl” , because of its color, Shelly found strength in all the negativity to have reasons not to give up on their dreams. Check out the story of Shelly about his journey to become the OLLG on his birthday, the concert in Tampa: Watch The Video!

Rant: Belieber Defending Justin Bieber from haters!

justin bieber stop hatersA rant for the Bieber haters.

I’m gonna go on a bit of a rant about all the hate Justin gets.

Recently I’ve been really annoyed with Bieber haters. I’m a Belieber and I sometimes feel guilty about not really defending Justin when he gets hate. I sort of think “I know who Justin is and that’s what’s important.”

But lately all the little comments people make about him are really getting to me. Continue reading

VIDEO: ‘You saved my life’ Belieber experience meeting Justin Bieber!

justin bieber belieberDuring the Meet and Greet in the city of Omaha, Nebraska,  Justin Bieber thrilled a Belieber during his encounter with the idol. A fan video recorded a very special message not only to her but all fans of Canadian singer in the world, while at the Justin agradecer for “saving” her life, she received a response even more exciting.Watch the video in the player below: Watch The Video!

Bieber Fever: Norway Schools Rescheduled Exams So Students Can Attend Justin Bieber Concert

justin bieber oslo concertFive schools in western Norway have rescheduled their midterm exams to allow students to attend upcoming Justin Bieber concerts in the capital, the country’s Ministry of Education and Research said.

Justin is scheduled to perform in the Norwegian capital on April 16 and 17 — stoking fears that some students in remote schools will skip midterm exams scheduled to take place at the same time.

To accommodate this Bieber-Fever, five schools have rescheduled exams. Checkout Video: Justin Bieber is Surrounded by Crazy Bieber Fans in Oslo Norway!