Justin Bieber 1st Message After Arrest, Compares Himself To Michael Jackson

justin bieber michael jacksonOne day after making headlines for getting arrested in Miami, Justin is addressing his police troubles with an Instagram photo in which he references both Michael Jackson and Jay Z.

On Friday Justin posted a side-by-side of himself leaving police custody in Miami riding on the top of an SUV and that of MJ, also on the top of a car, outside a Santa Monica courthouse after he pleaded not guilty to child-molestation charges.

Under the photos, he quoted a Jay Z lyric “What more can they say”. The Instagram marks the first time Justin has publicly addressed his arrest Thursday morning when he was taken into police custody on suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest nonviolently and driving on an expired license. He was later released on $2,500 bail. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Did Not Receive Special Treatment During Arrest

justin bieber during arrestSince the early hours of Thursday (23), fans of Justin Bieber have expressed their feelings about the arrest of the singer, who has been gaining a large space in the media worldwide. However, even paying proper bail (worth $ 2500) and obtain release, the Canadian star has caused great impacting the headlines, even among fans, seeking details of the arrest of the singer.

After several sites disseminate photos and videos of the respective moment, the website E! Online released new information, followed by an internal photo of the prison Turner Guilford Knight Correctional stating that Justin did not receive any special treatment, but was treated like all the others who were there. Continue reading

Video: Justin Bieber Leaves The Prison And Waves To Fans In Miami

Justin Bieber Released from JailJustin Bieber was released on bail by $2500 after being arrested in Miami, driving at high speed and under the influence of drugs in the early hours of Thursday (23). When released the singer left prison Turner Guilford Knight Correctional waving to fans on the site and was accompanied by his father Jeremy Bieber and friends that the release of the 19-year prison were waiting. Check out video of Justin leaving the site: Watch The Video!