Video: Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx And Ariana Grande Give Advice To Justin Bieber

justin bieber adviceThe awards ceremony was held at the Grammy Awards on Sunday and behind the scenes of the award, one of the names most mentioned in the interviews was that of Justin Bieber. While not attending the event, the singer’s recent arrest in Miami were targeted for discussion on the night of the greatest music awards.

Following this line, the Extra interviewed the stars Katy PerryJamie Foxx and Ariana Grande , questioning what advice they would give to Justin to overcome the troubled period in his career. Watch The Video!

The More Exposed And More Alone Human Being I’ve Ever Met,’ Ariana Grande On Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande Justin BieberAriana Grande was in the studios of radio Mix 104.1 and to be interviewed by announcers Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy and Salt, the singer of “Baby I” talked about the expectation for the 56th Grammy Awards on Sunday, and was also questioned about recent controversy in which Justin Bieber just wrapped on Thursday (23) after he was arrested in Miami.

Ariana criticized excessive judgments the media and some people, who according to her, have fun with delicate stage and “dangerous” in the singer’s personal life. Finally, the singer showed her support for Justin and defined the current phase of Justin stating that, “He is the most exposed and more alone human being I’ve ever met.” Watch The Video!

Video: Ariana Grande And Friends Sing Hits Of Justin Bieber At The Turn Of The Year

ariana grandeA few days ago, the brother of singer  Ariana Grande,  Frankie Grande, who has stated numerous times to be a big fan of Justin Bieber, released into his account on Youtube a video recorded in Japan at the turn of the year, where Ariana along with some friends made ​​sure to enjoy the beginning of the year doing what he loves most: singing. 

In the video, you can check out the singer and his brother Justin singing some hits like  Baby  and ”One Time . Watch The Video!

VIDEO: ‘A great opportunity’, says Ariana Grande about collaboration with Justin Bieber

justin bieber ariana grandeAriana Grande opened some tour dates for Justin BieberBelieve Tour in the United States.During this short time, the approach was remarkable singer with Justin and the rest of his team.Consequently, this has meant that many fans consider the possibility of Ariana and Justin perform a song together.

The singer answered some questions sent in by fans via Twitter microblog in a video posted on the website of Billboard and did not miss the question: “Are you really going to do collaborations with Justin Bieber?” . Aryan responded as follows: Watch The Video!

Ariana Grande talks about its passage by Justin Bieber tour

Justin Bieber ariana grande-tourAfter the singer Ariana Grande toured with Justin Bieber , she has been trying to deal with rumors that he was dating singer. Many have speculated whether they were more than friends, especially after Ariana posted on his Twitter microblogging account on a photo of Justin kissing his cheek, but in a recent interview for the magazine J-14 she commented again on the subject. 

“It’s funny how everyone thinks that we spend so much time together just because we were on tour, but I only saw him once, and it was for about five minutes,” said Ariana. “ He showed me ‘Heartbreaker‘ was amazing, and then I came out, it was like ‘Hey, great job, bye’. ” Continue reading

VIDEO: ‘It was so silly’: Ariana Grande drama about a picture with Justin Bieber

justin bieber arina grande interviewAfter Justin Bieber posted a photo kissing the cheek of Ariana Grande , the image became the subject not only among fans but also interviews the singer of 20 years. In a recent chat with E! Online, Ariana talked about shows of the Believe Tour which opened in the United States and commented on the incident. Check out the video below (from the time 12:40 ): Watch The Video!

VIDEO: ‘He’s a great kid, but no’ Ariana Grande says she would not date Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Date Ariana GrandeAriana Grande posted a picture alongside friend Justin Bieber , in which the same was kissing her cheekThe photo generated several media speculation regarding a possible romantic relationship between the singers, and while Ariana has denied in recent interviews, she keeps getting more questions on the subject.

On Saturday (07), while taking photos next to fans at an airport, the actress was again questioned by a paparazzo, whether or not dating Canadian. This time singer of “Baby I” made ​​it clear that she and Bieber are not dating. Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Ariana Grande Talks Duet with Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato

Ariana Grande interviewSince Ariana Grande began working with Scooter Braun , the name of the singer has been linked to that of Justin Bieber . In addition to the concerts of the Believe Tour in the U.S., which opened in August Ariana, the singers became friends.

Ariana does not hide his admiration for Canadian singer and desire to work in a music alongside Justin Bieber & Demi LovatoIn a recent interview with  Wired With 96.5 ,  the singer spoke about the possible collaboration with Justin, and why the same has not happened yet. Check below: Watch The Video!

Ariana Grande: Justin Bieber Sent Me Flirty Texts!

justin bieber arianna grandeAriana Grande , who recently opened shows the  Believe Tour in the United States, revealed in an interview with M Magazine , how he felt when Justin Bieber sent an SMS to her first. Check out what the singer said:

“Justin is the most famous contact I have on my phone. I felt very happy when he texted me. I did not believe it was him at first. He wrote “How’s pussy?” I dropped my phone and thought, ‘This does not happen by accident.’ ” Continue reading

‘It’s ridiculous, ” Ariana Grande talks about love triangle with Justin Bieber and Nathan Sykes

Ariana JustinAriana Grande is a friend of Justin Bieber and opened some shows for the singer on his tour, the Believe Tour  in August. However, there is still a large impact on the type of relationship that the two musicians take on behalf of a photo published by Ariana, in which Justin is kissing her cheek.

In another interview, this time to talk radio announcer Ryan Seacrest on Kiss FM, Ariana was questioned about her rumored to be dating Canadian and involved in a love triangle with singer of the band The Wanted , Nathan Sykes . Check out the audio and the passage in which Justin is quoted: Check out the audio!