Video: ‘He Heard Me,’ Ti Reveals His Advice For Justin Bieber

justin bieber tiThe American rapper TI was in his hometown in Atlanta, Georgia in the company of Justin Bieber at the beginning of February. Both attended a recording studio, singer and Bieber took to advise regarding the troubled phase of his career. In a recent interview granted to the program The Arsenio Hall Show, TI revealed that the advice they were given to Justin when they were together.  

When chatting with host Arsenio Hall, TI said he knows that the transition phase in which the star is going through is common, and who advised him to think about doing. Watch The Video!

Video: ‘He’s A Talented Guy, “Kevin Hart Reveals The Advice He Gave Justin Bieber On Ellen Show

justin bieber kevin hartActor and comedian Kevin Hart gave an interview to Ellen DeGeneres, on her show The Ellen Show , and during the chat talked about the last roles of his career, and also revealed the advice he gave to Justin Bieber, the defending due the turbulent phase of his career. 

Kevin recalled the moment that surprised the star in the Ellen program, since he knew that the singer is a big fan of his, said that as a good friend advised Bieber to learn from mistakes, and he knows that he will improve. Watch The Video!

‘He’s A Boy And Needs Parental Supervision’ Rosie O’donnell About Justin Bieber

justin bieber rosie odonnellThe comedian, actress and singer Rosie O’Donnell , returned to the box presenting the U.S. show, The View, after a break of seven years and like most celebrities who has been interviewed by the world, O’Donnell has not escaped to be asked about the current phase in the career of controversy, Justin Bieber.

“He’s a boy, right? How old is he? Ah, 20? I thought he was 18. Okay, he has 20. But here’s a question: Fame is a tidal wave. he drags you away. I think until you have experienced it, you have no idea what is. And even after 15  years and the most famous boy in the world, there is virtually no way to keep a level head. Oh, come on. I’ll throw eggs at houses every Halloween of my life. If I think he needs parental supervision in a way that he is not getting? I certainly think so. But if I think he should be deportedNo way. Continue reading

Michelle Obama Gives Advice to Justin Bieber’s Mom Pattie: ‘Pull Him Close, Be Around Him’

Michelle Obama Justin BieberFirst lady Michelle Obama‘s advice to Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette is to spend lots of time with her son and get to know who he’s hanging out with and make him understand that he is dealing with the authority of “mother.” Michelle commented on the Canadian star during an interview said in an interview with Univision, Check below, the statements of the First Lady: Continue reading

‘I Do Not Think He Has The Best People Around” AJ Mclean On Justin Bieber

Justin bieber AJ McleanAJ McLean tasted success and impact that can bring when it attracted thousands of fans to the side of the boy band Backstreet Boys in the ’90s. McLean has shown its concern over the turbulent phase that Justin Bieber is going through, and in a new interview with the Daily Record , the musician sent some more advice to Bieber and noted he did not think the singer is surrounded by the best people. Continue reading

‘He Needs People Who Tell You The Truth’ Steve Arterburn About Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Steve ArterburnThe bestselling writer, and evangelical speaker, Steve Arterburn, sent some advice for Justin Bieber during a broadcast of his program aired on radio and TV in the U.S., “New Life Live”,  this week.

Arterburn sent some heartfelt advice and even made a list of 6 steps that Bieber should follow to make a keepsake of the turbulent phase of learning. Check the statements of Steve: Continue reading

Video: ‘Buy A House And Make It A Nightclub,’ Miley Cyrus Advises Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Miley CyrusDuring an interview late on Thursday (30), the talk show host Jay Leno , “The Toight Show with Jay Leno,” the singer Miley Cyrus was asked what advice would you give Justin Bieber the best way to deal with the constant controversies that have lived and prevent further problems in the future.

Miley Cyrus may have found the solution to the recent problems with the law Justin Bieber: stay home and hire good help. The pop star appeared on The Tonight Show where Jay Leno asked what advice she would give to Bieber, who was arrested in Florida last week and on Wednesday was charged with assault by Toronto police.

“You have a lot of money. Pay people to make sure you will not get in trouble and celebrate in your home” , she said. “Buy a house and make it a club.” Watch The Video!

Video: Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx And Ariana Grande Give Advice To Justin Bieber

justin bieber adviceThe awards ceremony was held at the Grammy Awards on Sunday and behind the scenes of the award, one of the names most mentioned in the interviews was that of Justin Bieber. While not attending the event, the singer’s recent arrest in Miami were targeted for discussion on the night of the greatest music awards.

Following this line, the Extra interviewed the stars Katy PerryJamie Foxx and Ariana Grande , questioning what advice they would give to Justin to overcome the troubled period in his career. Watch The Video!

‘Let’s Build A Fire’ Father Of Miley Cyrus Invites Justin Bieber To His Farm

justib bieber bill ray cyrusCountry star Billy Ray Cyrus , father of singer Miley Cyrus, has some advice for Justin Bieber after the teenage pop star was arrested last week – to forget things a bit more – and he also said he would be happy to invite for Bieber his farm.

When interviewed on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards for ET Online reporter Nancy O’Dell about the problems with the law Bieber to visit Miami Beach, Cyrus said he wished to “invite him to go to the farm,” to participate in more relaxed and far from a modern city activities. “Would you like to invite you to go to the farm, go out to the field. Build a bonfire, you know, go out and watch the hawks, and eat turkey. Just a little back to life . ” Continue reading

VIDEO: Vanilla Ice’s Advice to Justin Bieber Also Want to Work together!

vanilla ice justin bieberRobert Matthew , popularly known as Vanilla Ice , decided to comment on the arrest of Justin Bieber . Vanilla made ​​a huge success in the 90s with his hit “Ice Ice Baby” , and ensures that you know the feeling of going through controversies such as those involving the Canadian star of 19 years old. 

Vanilla Ice is giving Justin Bieber some advice to help him try to stay out of trouble in the future.

Vanilla tells WPBF reporter Terry Parker:

Bieber’s young and probably confused with life right now. Probably has no clue about what life is really about. You got to imagine in front of millions of fans, paparazzi, and all this, it’s like a snow globe, it gets all shaken up and until it settles he’s not going to know his purpose in life. Watch The Video!