Listen: Cannon Full Song, Rap Written By Justin Bieber In 2008

justin bieber rap song cannonBefore joining the music world is known worldwide for his talent, Justin Bieber moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008, with the help of his manager Scooter Braun, and the company of his mother, Pattie MalletteThe star had not much experience in the music industry at the time, and was preparing for a bright future. He was new in town and on vacation at the time of change, Bieber did not have many friends, and spent most of the time with jokes and engaging compositions. 

Five years after these events, one of Justin’s friends neighbors on site Boyder , made ​​a revealing publication to know that a song recorded just for fun for him. Watch The Video!

Robert Leslie sing a song, His Dream to make Justin Bieber listen his music

Robert Leslie Justin BieberRobert Leslie is a British composer who currently lives in New York City, fighting for their dreams as a musician and drew the attention of the after he wrote a song about Justin Bieber and his current turbulent phase.

The song titled “Is This What You Dreamed, Then?” is not meant to make a joke about the problems facing Justin, but to reflect on how the singer feels about all this, Robert’s vision is clear. The composer commented about it and you can see below the music video and the statements of Leslie, who also defended Justin: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber – Confident ft. Chance The Rapper Official Music Video

Justin bieber Confident Music videoJustin Bieber has released the official video clip “Confident” , partnership with Chance the Rapper which is part of the latest musical project of Canadian digital album, JournalsDirected by Colin Tilley , the video curiously brings the same actress in the last clip of Justin, “All That Matters“, Cailin Russo , starring the scenes of the video that also brings a lot of dancing in the production filmed in December 2013 in Los Angeles .

The clip was posted to the account of the Bieber VEVO is a new challenge for the army of fans of the star, seeking to recover the record for the most watched video in 24 hours of release. Watch The Music Video!

Justin Bieber Ignores Advice From Pattie, While Jeremy Helped To ‘Handle’

justin pattie jeremy bieberJustin Bieber has grown along with its independence the singer of 19 years has been involved in many controversies. Created under the protection of his mother, Pattie Mallette, Justin always had to meet the limits set by it, which always made ​​it clear that would help the child become a good man.After acquiring its independence, Justin began to make their own decisions and the results of many of them were not so positive, prompting the singer to the biggest scandal of his career, that the arrest took place on (23), Miami.

With so many events, many fans miss an important person and always protect Justin, his mother, Pattie Mallette, and some even sent tweets protesting and claiming Pattie no longer cares about his son, but according to an article published by Mail Online , Pattie actually has been avoided by Justin some time ago, all because she has tried to help and advise the child about some bad choices. The site also reported that unlike Pattie, the singer’s father, Jeremy Bieber, was present and helped close the street in Miami, so Justin took the ‘handle’ with your friends, which led to his arrest. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Cameo in “Wake Up In It” Music Video

justin bieber wake up in itThe video was released “Wake Up In It” , music that is the result of a partnership between artists Mally Mall, Pusha T, French Montana and Sean Kingston . The video also has a stake of Justin Bieber , who appears alongside friend and actor, to Kyle Massey . Watch the participation of the Justin Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber New Year Tribute – “Hold Tight” with OLLG scenes

justin bieber hold tight with ollgA few days ago, Justin Bieber had posted a video on his account on Viddy , with a preview of an issue that he and Alfredo Flores were working, it was a surprise for his Beliebers . On Thursday (01), Justin released a surprise, a clip with several scenes moments of Justin with his Beliebers, during the traditional song, One Less Lonely Girl , but the sound of Hold Tight“, one of his latest songs released on his album “Journals“. This is a version of video for ”Hold Tight”, only ‘unofficial’, released on his personal channel, Kidrauhl .

Images are from various countries where their latest tour went, backstage with fans, the excitement of some Beliebers after performing the dream of being the OLLG and between scenes, Watch the video in the player below: Watch The Video!

Listen: Justin Bieber One Life, Backpack, What’s Hatnin, Swap It Out And Memphis Song with Lyrics!

Justin Bieber Music JournalsIn the early hours of Monday (23), was made ​​available on iTunes the full digital album from Justin Bieber , the Journals , plus three videos, the collection features 5 new songs: “One Life”, “Backpack” (feat . Lil Wayne), “What’s Hatnin ‘” (feat. Future), “Swap It Out” and “Memphis” (feat. Big Sean) .

The team JB Musicx prepared a special post with 5 songs for you to check all the details of these unprecedented successes, with audio and lyrics for each. Remember that your buying songs on iTunes support is crucial to the success of this project.

The 6th track, which is a bonus on the album is called “Flatline”,  and you can check out the audio, lyrics and link to download by clicking here .

Check out the audio and lyrics of unreleased tracks from the Journals: Checkout All Songs!

Listen: Justin Bieber “Flatline” Song with Lyrics!

justin bieber flatline songJustin Bieber promised a surprise, is actually a Christmas present! A few days ago the star announced on his Twitter account that would be delaying the launch of its digital album, Journals , scheduled for December 16 to be available on iTunes, because it had recorded an extra song that would be released together with “Journals” on the new date, December 23. As promised, a bonus song called, “Flatline” and was made ​​available for free as a Christmas gift from Justin to his fans worldwide. Check out the link to download the song and listen on the player below: Checkout song!

Listen: Justin Bieber “Confident” Song with Lyrics!

justin bieber confidentJustin Bieber has released the tenth and final single from his project Music Journals , “Confident” , a partnership with Chance The Rapper , which promises to be another huge success. After being officially released on iTunes, hit caught the attention of many fans of the singer on the basis of lyrical content. Apart from a differentiated and stirred melody, “Confident”in his letter brings a more mature side of the star, reporting sensual moments. 

Check out the audio and the complete lyrics of“Confident”: Watch The Video!

Watch: Justin Bieber ‘All That Matters’ Official Music Video!

justin bieber all that matters music videoThe official video of Justin BieberAll That Matters was launched on Monday (02), the channel of the Canadian superstar in VEVO . The video directed by award winning director, Colin Tilley and starring Justin and Model Cailin Russo brings hot scenes of passionate couple and that caused comments divided among fans on social networks since the previous clip were disclosed.

Justin Bieber turns up the temperature in the steamy video for “All That Matters,” the second release in his #MusicMondays series. He gets intimate with his sexy co-star, played by 19-year-old model Cailin Russo.

In the the clip directed by Colin Tilley, Justin shows off his chiseled chest, serenades his lady on guitar, and goes in for the kiss in one scene that’s bound to make Beliebers jealous.

The video was finally released in full and you can kill the curiosity of the whole course of history that the video for “All That Matters” brings. Watch The Video!