Justin Bieber On Capricho Magazine Cover ‘Unveil The New Bieber‘

Justi -Bieber On Capricho Magazine CoverThe February issue of Brazilian teen magazine Capricho, hits news stands and who illustrates the cover of this month is the singer Justin Bieber . In the headline, the magazine asks readers about who the star of 19 years old really is, and also reveals that talked to near the Canadian who allegedly help to ‘unveil the new Bieber’ sources.  Continue reading

Justin Bieber covers the Todateen for the issue of October

justin bieber todateenThe magazine Todateen decided to do two covers for the issue of October, and with the coming of theBelieve Tour to Brazil in November, Justin Bieber  is one of the covers. The issue features details about the tour awaited by Brazilian fans. The anxiety of the Brazilian fans for the arrival of Justin Bieber in Brazil has been in the news, international. Continue reading

Justin Bieber is the cover of the April issue of the magazine cheeky!

justin bieber cover magazine cheekyJustin Bieber is the cover of the April edition of the Brazilian magazine, cheeky . The magazine has an article commenting on the new turbulent phase of the Canadian Bad boy Justin:  Forget ‘Baby, Baby’,. JB grew, his left hand behind fluffy kitten and is now the most controversial moment. Want to know why? Continue reading

Justin Bieber Teen Vogue Photoshoot 2013 + Interview!

Justin Bieber Teen Vogue Cover 15 Justin Bieber on His Biggest Year Yet, The colossal world tour, his fifth number one album, and all that swag! The new king of pop opens up on dealing with drama and staying grounded. Justin Bieber is the cover of the May issue of the magazine Teen Vogue .Check out the cover options of editing and photoshoot with Interview :- Watch The Full Photoshoot + Interview!

Justin Bieber’s Private World Exposed – Top Of The Pops Special!

justin bieberThe UK magazine ”Top Of The Pops” released a limited edition Justin Bieber special. It’s on sale February, 6. If you aren’t in the UK area, you can get it online. Justin Bieber revealed what type of women he’s attracted to in a new issue of Top of the Pops magazine. Also, find out exactly what he thinks of Selena Gomez! Continue reading

Justin Bieber: ‘I Want To Be the Next Michael Jackson’

justin bieber macleans magazineJustin Bieber has made a serious declaration to Maclean’s magazine: he wants to be the next ‘king of pop.’

According to the magazine, written by reporter Brian D. Johnson, Justin said he doesn’t just want to be a teen heartthrob.

Justin, who knows he’s on top right now, wants to stay there, and so he’s modelling his career after Michael Jackson, the original ‘king of pop.’ Continue reading