Justin Bieber Personal Finance Report

Justin Bieber Personal FinanceThroughout his career, Justin Bieber has accumulated an enviable fortune, thanks to his dedication and success but what has caught the attention of the media are spending the singer. Justin takes a lifestyle where high spending part of their daily lives and that worries some experts, who claim that the Canadian is “throwing money away”. It was estimated by Forbes that Justin Bieber may have won $58 million by June 2013. Now, persistent reports claim that consumer habits “clueless” singer are out of control. It is alleged that he is spending nearly $2 million per month and could severely deplete their coffers by the time he reach middle age.

Fans of the superstar 19 years and even non fans who respect his work ethic and wealth collected by himself probably be shocked by the reports of its ability to generate cash under the guidance of his manager, Scooter Braun. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Rented Mansion That Looks Like A Spaceship In Atlanta

Justin Bieber Rented Mansion Atlanta Justin Bieber rented the mansion of music producer Dallas Austin to have some privacy while recording his supposed new album. The house is located in the Buckhead district of Atlanta near even his friend and mentor, Usher.  A source close to Bieber told “TMZ” the star rented the house for three months. 

Justin Bieber found a new home in Atlanta, for the next three months. The mansion of 5,500 square meters looks something good, 4 bedrooms with appearance of a spaceship, the home owner is nothing short of Dallas Austin, music producer of “They Do not Care About Us”  by Michael Jackson and “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday “ Boyz II Men. Checkout More Pics!

Justin Bieber Flirted With Blondes And Brunettes In The Super Bowl Parties

Justin Bieber Super Bowl New YorkJustin Bieber chimes for two parties leading up to the biggest sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl . Before you watch the games, the singer caused the events held this weekend in New York and E! told details from interviews with other guests in the events. Justin Bieber never miss a good party.

The singer of 19 years was present during the Super Bowl this weekend, sources tell E!News. The pop star visited Maxim’s “Big Game Weekend,” held by the Talent Resources Sports on Friday, January 31.

Around midnight, members of the security team Bieber did a scan on the neighborhood Espace City’s Hell’s Kitchen in New York in. The musician and his entourage arrived a little after 1:00 and entered through a back door. Bieber – wearing a hoodie, a hat and sunglasses, was led to a large cabin. Continue reading

Expert Says Justin Bieber Is Controversial Marketing Strategy

Justin Bieber MarketingThe many controversial episodes involving  Justin Bieber  in recent months, have been agenda among many issues discussed by the world media, including his arrest in Miami last monthAddressing the issue, CBC News released a story highlighting the expert opinion on the controversies involving the singer, saying that it’s all just  a “marketing strategy” , with the goal of making the Canadian limelight ball public, thus causing a boost to his career. 

This year has been a bad year for Justin Bieber – in just one month in 2014, the Canadian pop star has been arrested twice, in two different countries, and now faces charges of driving under the influence of drugs and speeding. But according to some experts, the apparent decline of Justin can turn on a rise to the top, as long as he plays his cards right.  Mark Sherwin , president of Toronto-based (crisis management, “CorpWorld”), says celebrities who misbehave is nothing new.  “We saw pictures of criminals for years,” he says. Even saying it does not believe that most celebrities go out and intentionally break the law just to get attention, Sherwin says that once they are in a bad situation, there are ways to make the best possible – and maybe even come out stronger [the situation]. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Is Happy With Her Family And Learning From What Happened

Justin bieber FamilyJustin Bieber may be finally ready to change their behavior. The singer is in his native Canada, and E! News spoke with two sources close to the star who reported that the time Justin has been going along with the family in Canada are doing very well with it.

The source further said that Bieber has been showing that he learned from the experience that comes living amidst discussions and converting the turbulent phase in a way to remain positive.

After a series of recent problems with the law – including an arrest for a DUI alleged in the Thursday, January 23, followed by an assault charge in Toronto in connection with an alleged attack on a limousine driver involving his entourage on December 29, 2013, friends and family are hopeful that the Canadian pop star is ready to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Continue reading

Lamborghini Rented By Justin Bieber Becomes Celebrity in Miami

justin bieber lamborghini 1Before his arrest dawn on January 23, Justin Bieber was driving a yellow Lamborghini that had been rented in MiamiThe Canadian disbursed about $1,500 dollars to be able to walk the city streets in style, and after all the controversy, the car has become somewhat of a celebrity among locals who do everything to posing next to the machine that was driven by the singer.And even some models, such as Madison Murray, are being photographed next to the Lamborghini.

The rented Lamborghini that Justin Bieber was driving before his arrest for DUI, is practically a celebrity now – in fact, so famous, that has become a Holy Grail for fans of Bieber and some models. A good example is here: Madison Murray , 24 years old, was seen posing next to the car on Tuesday.

Sure, it’s a yellow Lamborghini – who would not is beside him-but sources tell us that the car Justin increased his reputation this month, and local models are doing everything to get a photo. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Moving Out of Calabasas Home, California

Justin Bieber Moving Out Calabasas Home

Moving trucks carted away Justin Bieber’s belongings and off to a new mansion early last week.

For some time, rumors that the singer Justin Bieber had placed his mansion in Calabasas, California for sale were growing in several sites, among them the “TMZ”  claiming that sources close to the singer revealed that it had intend to sell the mansion and live elsewhere.

On Monday (28), the X17 Online has updated photos of several trucks leaving the mansion changes from Justin.  He is changing his huge mansion in Calabasas, California, located in Los Angeles County. And X17online exclusively seen it up close. The pop star had in mind to move even before being arrested last January 23 in Miami.

Bieber has spent the last two days in Panama with his girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries after his arrest on suspicion of DUI, nodes of X17 want you to know that when Justin back to Los Angeles, he probably will be in a new house. Continue reading

Video: Justin Bieber Spend $75k Dollars In A Strip Club In Miami!

justin bieber strip night club partyJustin Bieber was enjoying the Miami night. The singer was filmed at the nightclub Mansion and according to a representative of the local, Canadian superstar has spent about $75 thousand dollars in stripe club,  King of Diamonds .

Check out the video of Justin walking out the door of the nightclub Mansion and meeting several fans, beyond the material published by TMZ , with details of the night of fun of the singer. Justin flew from Colorado to Miami – where he was spotted entering the nightclub Mansion.

A few hours later, he went to King of Diamonds … We believe that for the birthday party Lil Scrappy. A representative confirmed to TMZ … Justin spent $75,000 in dollar bills. Watch The Video!