Pattie Mallette Interview That She Made About Justin Bieber, Is False!

'Justin Bieber  Pattie MalletteYesterday hundreds of websites, including JB Musicx, posted an interview that the mother of Justin BieberPattie Mallette would have granted the site The Sun, where the site claimed that Pattie was heard about the controversy surrounding the son and request prayers for him.

Interview: ‘Pray For Him Rather Than Condemn Him,’ Pattie Mallette Vents On Polemics With Justin Bieber

Pattie denied on their official Twitter account, which is followed by millions of fans of the singer, who has given an interview and stated that it is false. Check out the tweet from the singer’s mother: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Reveals His Phone Number

Power106 justinbieberBig Boy , the famous radio presenter Los Angeles,  Power 106, talks with singer Justin Bieber during one of the station interactive whiteboards. Released a radio player chat on their official website, where the star confirms his cell phone number after the host has connected to the same by means of a joke, and have been entertained by Bieber. 

The Canadian who’s been on the radio before granting exclusive interviews just wondered if Big Boy was no question for you, and then they spoke about the celebrations of the end of the year, and future projects in 2014. One of the other presenters of the program, Krystal Bee, Justin at the end of the call that it had sent to her and her friend Rikki Martinez (who also works in radio) roses gift, and Bieber desconversa it. Check out the audio!

Believe Movie: Who is the REAL Justin Bieber?

real justin bieberThe director of the new documentary Justin BieberJon M. Chu has been conducting several interviews over the past few weeks, addressing his daily contact with the Canadian singer and details about the movie  Believe . Seeking to address the issue, the released the interview with the same, where several topics were discussed. Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber talks about ‘All That Matters’ and Selena Gomez @Power106

Justin Bieber Interview at Power 106 Radio Los Angeles CAThe Power 106 FM released over the previous interview with Justin Bieber on the morning of Tuesday (17) in Los Angeles. In new videos JB speaks as was writing All That Matters , the song “Journals” which was written inspired by his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez and even talked about the breakup with Selena and as the singer and actress was important in their life. Also, Justin talked about his newest film, Believe . Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber & Scooter Braun Interview on visit to the Philippines

justin bieber scooter braun philippinesDuring its passage through the exciting city of Tacloban , Philippines, Justin Bieber had the opportunity to help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan through its #GiveBackPhilippines, project being a success. During their passage through the country, the Canadian singer gave an interview to Showbiz Police program called the local television channel TV5. Check out the full interview with Justin and his manager Scooter Braun: Watch The Video!

‘I got Butterflies Kissing JB’ girl in the video for ‘All That Matters’ talks about Justin Bieber

justin bieber cailin russoJustin Bieber has released the music video of the single “ All That Matters . In the video, Justin and Model Cailin Russo makes the romantic pair with the right kisses and hot scenes as well. In an exclusive interview to the magazine’s website Cosmopolitan , Cailin was told how to record the video with the star and more. 

 Meet Cailin Russo , the girl who got everything up with Justin Bieber as his loving partner in her latest music video for “ All That Matters ”. Since the release of the video, Russo reveals that she has received a number of death threats from Bieber fans. On the positive side, she had a private time with Bieber in his trailer – and now facetimes and text messages with him. Before, she told everything about your experience in conjunction with the superstar. Continue reading

VIDEO: Selena Gomez Won’t Date Anyone, Waiting for Justin Bieber?

justin bieber selena gomezSelena has been single for months now, and regardless of reports that she was hanging out with George Shelley, the ‘Slow Down’ singer just revealed that she’s only been actually been asked out once since her split with Justin!

Selena Gomez is enjoying her life being single! The singer, who is currently on her Stars Dance tour, said she hasn’t gone on any dates since she and Justin Bieber split up last summer — and that she strongly believes love can’t be forced! “Do you know I’ve been asked out on one date, that’s it?” Selena said in an interview with Zach Sang and the Gang radio host, Zach Sang. Watch The Video!

‘I never wanted to seek fame for my son’: Pattie Mallette about Justin Bieber

pattie mallette justin bieberPattie Mallette , mother of Canadian star Justin Bieber, gave an exclusive interview to the program ” Kids in the House” (Children Home), which depicts cases of families and offers advice to parents to care for their children in the best possible way . Like, every mother, Pattie always cares about Justin, and despite not being next to the child all the time due to commitments Bieber, it guarantees not to stay out on the events of the life of the child.  Continue reading

‘He went through a very difficult time’ Scooter talks about Justin, Believe 3D and Music Mondays

justin bieber scooter braunMany thought that 2013 would be one year totally awesome for Justin Bieber . However, the Canadian singer who remained positive in the face of everything, he turned over and began to publicize their projects like Music Mondays, where the songs released so far - Heartbreaker ,   All That Matters and Hold Tight“  - had a positive impact for the public and have reached the first place on the charts in several countries, and with the film  Believe, which has release date scheduled for Christmas will be no different on the impact that the launch of this project has caused.

In an interview with Billboard , Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun , told a little more about the difficulties faced by Justin, the album Music Journals  and Believe 3D film, which according to Braun, “ destroy all rumors once “ . Continue reading