Avalanna Remind As Mrs Bieber of Justin Bieber, Who Turned 2 Years

justin bieber avalannaAvalanna Routh not only charmed many fans of Justin Bieber with his story, but also captured the heart of the star, which then support the small fan who suffered from an aggressive form of cancer, it clung to like a sister and supported to Mrs. Bieber in his last months of life, which was discontinued on September 26, 2012.

Parents of Avalanna published the following picture on Twitter with the campaign launched to help treat the girl of 6 years, but continues in his memory by helping other children with the same diagnosis. The first meeting between Bieber and Avalanna was on February 13, 2012, in New York, there are exactly 2 years and the photo was published with a caption recalling the moment so special.Check out: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Wins All Categories That Competed In Popcrush Fan Choice Awards 2014

justin bieber pop crunch winThe PopCrush Fan Choice Awards in 2014 , had its polls open in January this year and the competition that featured Justin Bieber as one of the artists indicated ended this week and thanks to the strong support of the fans, the singer won all the 6 categories that competed. Check out the result of each category won by Justin: Continue reading

Due To The ‘Damage’ Caused By Fans, Remove Wax Figure Of Justin Bieber At Madame Tussauds

Justin Bieber Wax figureThe wax figure of Justin Bieber ’s Madame Tussauds New York, founded in 2011, is no longer on display at the site due to ‘damage’ caused by fans of the singer , in the absence of true Bieber, gripping and kissing the figure and in addition, the figure does not already appeared more visual adult star, further motivating the need removed and a new image in the future. New York, February 11 (ANI): A wax figure of Justin Bieber’s Madame Tussauds will be removed from exposure, since it has been damaged over the years. Continue reading

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Chased by Fans, Entering Hotel NYC

Justin Bieber Mobbed Fans Skateboarding Hotel in NYCJustin Bieber mobbed by fans while entering the garage of his hotel on his skateboard in New York City. He was photographed by fans while doing various skateboarding tricks while returning to his hotel in New York and continued making a few more tricks in the garage of the place at around 5 am, when he returned event,  Leather & Laces Superbowl Party , which was also photographed showing her skills . Watch The Video!

‘He Does Many Good Things As Well’ Susan Tremblett Justin Bieber’s Visit To Kayla

Justin bieber susan tremblettJustin Bieber has been tried in an attempt to massacre much of the sensationalist media to create rumors and distorts some controversial issues which the singer has been involved. On one side, Bieber has his fans, not supporting their mistakes, but ready to help to overcome them and other media and haters who always expected to live this moment, where Bieber would fail and are just doing what they already was expected, attacking, condemning and judging each attitude of the singer.

Although it is unclear the purpose of so much criticism and people willing (and often unrelated to the actual facts), to mercilessly attack the Canadian superstar, fortunately, some people, famous and anonymous, but who had positive experiences with Justin still treat the issue as it would treat any human person who has the right to learn from their mistakes, even growing in the eyes of the world.One is Susan Tremblett that even the request for Bieber to keep their experience secret, became public share a good recent experience he had with the star and her daughter, Kayla , one childhood friend Justin who passed away in late 2013 but days before, had one of his last moments of greatest happiness beside the Canadian singer who attacks both the media and prioritizes the reporting rumors and controversies about the same extend. Continue reading

Video: Fan Wipes The Face Of Justin Bieber During His Visit To Miami

Justin Bieber FanWhile shopping and a tour of Miami BeachJustin Bieber was stopped by several fans and very friendly, posed alongside several of them for the photos. One of the fans who were lucky enough to meet the idol recorded a video of the moment before taking a picture with the singer and the scenes you can see Justin getting ready for photo and wiping her face and mouth, but without success, the fan verifies that still has a bit of toothpaste in the mouth of Justin and clean, leaving the Canadian ready to pose.

The photo of the moment had already been disclosed at the time, but the lucky fan released the video. Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Two Lucky Fans Who Met Justin Bieber In Apple Store, Got Iphone 5 Gifted

justin bieber apple storeTwo lucky fans who met Justin Bieber singer and got iPhones gifted in New York on February 1, and asked how was the experience. The girls reported that appeared in the Canadian Store Apple Store while they watched their newest music video, “Confident“, and that as soon as he saw them talked to them and then asked what the favorite color of each to buy the iPhone and to gift them. Watch The Video!

Video: Justin Bieber Meets Fans In Toronto, Canada

Justin Bieber Meets Fans Toronto CanadaAfter leaving the police station in Toronto, Canada, to testify on charges of assault on a limo driver in December 2013, singer Justin Bieber gave some attention to fans and posed for pictures on the evening of Wednesday (29) . According to fans who had the chance to meet the idol he was in a good mood and was kind enough to pose for photos. Watch The Video!

‘They Forget How Talented He Is,’ Nathan Sykes Defends And Declares A Fan Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Nathan SykesNathan Sykes, integral singer of the English band The Wanted, quoted Justin Bieber defending him in a publication in his account on the microblogging site Twitter. Nathan is now friends with Justin for some time, both are empresariados by Scooter Braun, and has shared the stage many times during tours where the band opened shows for Canadian.

In light of the controversy involving Bieber, Nathan commented saying all criticize him for his personal life, but end up forgetting his talent, and still proved to be a big fan of the star. Continue reading