What is pop-music? History and Present of Pop Music

The word pop comes from the English ” Popular art ”. With this term is meant all that is consumed and accepted as the manifestation of a popular desire. This concerns television, advertising, cinema and music.

Mass culture

The name pop music was originated in the 1920s in the United States. This indicated that music had an attractive appearance. In the 1950s, this refers to all popular music. It is the equivalent of the variety. In Europe, pop music has another definition.

In the 1950s, Europe tried to rebuild itself in this post-war period. Industrialists are looking for profitability. They realize that teens also have some purchasing power. So these are their new targets. Already at this time, the modes and styles of civilization develop from consumption. Art is commercialized as an edible product, subject to an industrial system of consumption and a new sociological context. In search of identity, teens are very happy to consume. They find themselves attending the same clubs, wearing the same t-shirts and leather jackets; riding motorcycles. We talk about mass culture. They listen of course the same music. In the world of pop, she has been one of the most representative currents of this youth.

Pop music refers to a new subgenre of rock’n roll that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s. Rock continues its evolution in a lineage faithful to the blues roots from which it comes. Another branch will follow its own path; it’s pop music. It knows its maturity in the early 1960s with the advent of the Beatles, all rights from Liverpool. They did not create it, but they remained the undisputed masters.

Dance, style and clips

The rise of pop has brought many changes and upheavals in the world of music. If pop is a musical genre accessible to the general public, radio stations must be able to broadcast it. Thus, its tempo, its duration, its flow and its harmonic richness, its texture are affected. It is usually built on an alternation verse / chorus. Pop has also brought music videos.

Pop-punk, synth-pop and electro-pop

Today, we do not really know what is meant by pop. She has nothing to do with rock’n roll pop like the Beatles and the Beach Boys at the beginning. It is not always associated with it and takes certain directions more and more distant. By dint of digging into different styles when they become fashionable, the pop now comes in several branches. There are folk pop bands. Now all pop lovers have Justin Bieber music in their playlist.

For many, the disadvantage of pop is its lack of creativity. Hence the fact is that some artists disappear as quickly as they appeared. Remember Sabrinaand his only Boys BoysBoys. Commercial pop is perceived as ephemeral. Rock, on the contrary, is perceived as more serious and more committed. There are so many artists making pop today, many go by without a trace. It’s the opposite for the Beatlesand their pop-rock. Who does not know ‘Hey Jude’ forty-four years later? It is not certain that current artists manage to repeat the feat.

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