Justin Bieber’s Baby Reached 1 Billion Views, Most Watch Clip Ever!

jusin bieber baby hits 1billionAfter months of campaigning that began shy, but gained more strength approaching the 20th anniversary of Justin Bieber, the thousands of fans around the world achieved the goal of reaching one billion views clip for Baby , giving the Canadian superstar his first video with this tag.

Reach 1 billion in a video clip has always been the dream of Justin, “Baby” has lost most viewed post of the story some time to clip the Korean Psy ago, “Gangnam Style” (1.9 billion), but even in the place, the brand has always been a goal of the star, who is now the first teen idol to have a video with this amount of views,  “Every time you break a record I’m happy. Among my achievements on YouTube, ‘Baby’ has more views than any video – of all time. So my next goal is to reach 1 billion views on a video” Justin said during an interview with Rollacoaster Magazine in 2012. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Wins All Categories That Competed In Popcrush Fan Choice Awards 2014

justin bieber pop crunch winThe PopCrush Fan Choice Awards in 2014 , had its polls open in January this year and the competition that featured Justin Bieber as one of the artists indicated ended this week and thanks to the strong support of the fans, the singer won all the 6 categories that competed. Check out the result of each category won by Justin: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Arrest Has Generated More Than 4 Million Tweets In 24 Hours

Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami BeachThe arrest of Justin Bieber lasted just over 8 hours from the time that the singer was taken to the police department in Miami Beach until his trial in jail and bail of $2,500, but the matter is still the subject of headlines this week and was the most talked about topic on Twitter worldwide. The site of the Billboard statistics gathered information with this impact. 

On Thursday (January 23), the Internet paused in their regularly scheduled for Rubberneck 19-year-old Justin Bieber, who was arrested in Miami Beach on suspicion of DUI after being stopped programming while doing a ” handle ‘. According to data provided by TLL, 24 hours after the arrest, more than 4.28 million messages were sent on Twitter about the pop star and her prison – an increase of 717% in activity compared to the previous day.

At one point on Thursday, nine of the ten general trending topics worldwide were about Bieber and his arrest. An avalanche of support from Bieber fans made ​​”#WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin” be the top hashtag on the day, with a total of 596,783 entries between the hours of 04:00 on January 23 to 04:00 on 24th January. Continue reading

As Long As You Love Me: Video Of Justin Bieber Among The Best Of The Millennium

as long as you love me videoMuch Music released a list with the top 50 clips of the millennium and Justin Bieber was not left out of the most memorable videos of last thousand years or at least since the video was first invented cinema, entering at #33 place the list with the clip of the song,  ”As Long As You Love Me (2012).

Check out the review on the choice of clip ALAYLM as one of the best of the millennium: Continue reading

Bing: Justin Bieber is the Most Searched Person in UK 2013

Justin Bieber Bing Most SearchedSearch engine Bing have revealed who the most searched-for celebrities were during 2013 in the UK. Justin Bieber has topped this year’s list, jumping five spots from last year.

In a battle of the power women, Beyonce beat royal mother Kate Middleton as the most-searched for woman on Bing this year. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift also made the 10.

Rihanna and Kim Kardashian made the top 10 most-searched for celebrities for the second year in a row, both jumping two spots.

One Direction fans can rest easy, while none of the boys feature on the celebrity list, they top the music artist list.

The top 10 searched-for celebrities in the UK are listed below: Continue reading

VIDEO: ‘Never forget,’ Justin Bieber wows fans with surprise at the show in Puerto Rico

Justin Bieber Puerto Rico believe tourJustin Bieber performed show at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and during the performance of “Believe,” fans raised thousands of platelets writing, “We will never leave you” . Justin’s reaction made ​​it clear that the surprise marked the show that has become one of the most memorable of his career. Justin was thrilled and paused for a few minutes to enjoy the warmth of Puerto Rican fans. Check out the video posted by the singer on his Twitter microblogging account and review of the same: Watch The Video!

Man spends more than $100,000 with surgeries to look like Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Surgery before afterJustin Bieber is constantly the target of inspiration for many people due to its diverse style and ways inspires its fans, addresses a similar issue involving the Canadian star, but the difference is that Toby Sheldon , 33, not only is inspired by Justin, but want to look totally Canadian singer and therefore underwent several operations, spending around $ 100.000,  to be exactly equal to the singer. 

We watched every episode of Law & Order and do not think they’ve done an episode about a man who has spent nearly $ 100,000 to look like her idol teen pop. But maybe they should do, because we see only one way to stop this kind of madness that involves critical images of children. Toby Sheldon, 33, has a frightening obsession with Justin Bieber. In trying to look like the singer, Tony has spent about $ 100,000 with surgery on his face to be fully equal to Justin. Continue reading

Justin Bieber’s ‘All That Matters’ Hits #1 on iTunes in 63+ Countries

Justin Bieber All That Matters number 1 itunesJustin Bieber has released his new single, All That Matters in the early hours of Monday (14), on iTunes and thanks to the support of the fans the single was a hit and reached number one on iTunes in 63 countries in its first hours of launch, among them. Grateful for the support, Following the release of first single “Heartbreaker” last week, which also rocketed to #1, Justin will unveil a new song from his Journals collection every Monday (or Sunday Midnight) for 10 weeks in total. Continue reading

HEARTBREAKER: Reaching No. 1 on iTunes in 56 countries, single from Justin Bieber

justin bieber heartbreaker on itunesJustin Bieber has released his new single, Heartbreaker , which will be part of his project Music Journals . After successfully done in the iTunes charts, winning first place in 56 countries, “Heartbreaker” was rated by many music critics, check out some reviews of the single performed: Continue reading

VIDEO: Displays story about camping many fans of Justin Bieber in Sao Paulo

Justin bieber Fans BeliebersOnce the dates have been announced for the show Justin Bieber in Brazil (2nd and November 3rd), fans were more  eager  than ever  to get tickets at the best place in the show, with them in hand, some wanted to be sure that would be as close as possible to their idol. Thus, began camping out in front of the venue.

A group of fans in Sao Paulo did this almost 50 days before the show, many were marked with their place in the queue, in order to ensure the best view of the event. More than 30 days for the first show of the Canadian star in Brazil, the program Hoje em Dia , the Rede Record was present at the place where fans camped and did a short interview with them, opening a debate to know what parents think of all this. Watch The Video!