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If you plan to run a successful catering business, it’s important to know how to calculate the price of a fair catering event. For the price of a catering event, you have to consider all production costs and the final price still remains a competitive price. While each catering business has its own peculiarities and therefore its own pricing considerations, there are certain price constants for a catering event that applies to most catering firms.

A Calculate your catering costs

Before you start calculating the price of a particular catering event, it is important to calculate the total directing costs. These include the cost of equipment, transport, rental space, utilities and advertising. Divide this total cost into the number of anticipated catering events per month. Be sure to include these costs in the price whenever you have a catering event.With the good corporate catering services you can surely find your options now.

Calculate the price based on catering costs

You will then want to calculate your price based on the costs associated with this specific catering event. Make a list of all costs, including food costs, disposable goods, staff salaries and utilities. You should approximate the total cost of the event in advance, and as you gain more experience, this cost will be closer to real cost.

Price based on the number of people

One of the most common methods of pricing a catering event is that of pricing based on the number of people at the event. You can set a minimum and maximum number of people for whom you are willing to serve. You can also set prices on a sliding scale. For example, it offers a regular price per person for 50 to 100 people, offers a slightly lower price per person for 100 to 200 people and offers a larger discount per person for 200 to 400 people.

Price by type of menu

You should also consider the type of foods to be served. Calculate as accurately as possible the cost of the ingredients plus how much it will cost for the cook to prepare these dishes. Some foods can have cheap ingredients, but they require a lot of preparation, so you have to make sure you consider this when calculating the price.

Price based on number of dishes

Another element to consider in setting the price of a catering event is how many ways will be served. Elaborating seven-course meals will obviously cost more than a simple two-course event.


Price by type of arrangement

You will also want to calculate the price of a catering event based on the type of event and arrangement required. Consider planning an official dinner or a simple picnic. Do not only consider the food that will be served but also the way the food will have to appear and what kind of decoration you need for the arrangement, such as plates and plates, glasses, table linen, flower arrangement, etc.

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