Justin Bieber Moments That Made 2013 The ‘Believe’ Year

Justin Bieber BelieveWhen we asked for a fan of Justin Bieber set the year 2013 for the singer and his followers in a word, there are many emotions in each one: controversial, resilience, strength, faith, troubled family, intense, confident, love, solidarity , marriage, unbreakable, hard, music, battle, focus, revealing, unforgettable …

2013 was all this and more on Justin and his fans. In the midst of a real jungle, and the food chain that most of the media followed, were the prey, Justin and his loyal army of fans, everyone left the comfort zone that has called them to a confrontation in a while, but nothing compared to 2013. Yes, in 2013 the media did what it has done through various global phenomena, stays in his sensational model ever, what was not expected was the strength and voracious defense Beliebers for Justin and Justin himself for them and the desire to remain Follow your dream.

Somehow, an image that Justin was perfect on one side the media tried to show all the ways he was just someone so flawed that it should be discarded, the other saw the obvious Justin is not perfect and is human, human like never before (or never wanted to see), all came out of the comfort zone.

It was a year of learning and amaze yourself, Justin, his fans, his team, the critical … All learned something with all challenges almost daily, with so many rumors have come to feel for a minute that it was all very confusing, but nothing that unique bond between Justin and his fans do not make clear what the next step. They surprised everyone.

Believe The year …

Fans of Justin or he never believed much as in 2013 (and we agree that this feeling is one of the slogans of all time), it was necessary to believe it was a matter of survival.

It was also a year of revelation and reflection, only the strong and true remained supporting Justin, BELIEVING. When some spectators thirsty this battle could find that something had broken, Beliebers responded to everything with words that briefly said, “I’ll support him until the end” . Nothing was illusory or dogmatic, all were aware of what was right or wrong, the support did not come to rumors, the alleged errors committed by Justin (and yes, he made ​​some wrong choices), but only been here for him and he always knew he felt he could count on his true fans / friends at any time.

While most of the media and haters did the obvious, and focused only on the negative side, Beliebers and Justin led the challenges masterfully and showed his strength.

The force that Justin and his fans paid to one another also made mature together, overcome challenges together as an avalanche may even have saddened some (very few times), but that only made them stronger for the upcoming battles. Let vaiem that critique, they make negative predictions of the future of a young, certainly those who do only know the name Justin Bieber, and these are just secondary characters that will still give more glory in this pathway, such as those who doubted the that made Justin and his strongest army. His fans do not, they know the real shape and could meet him even more this year. Justin just opened his heart, 100%, not that he did not do it before, but in 2013 it was necessary, it was like a cry as much information trying to create a new and repulsive Justin (part of the project witch hunt of the media), he just wanted to reinforce who he really was, humane and passionate about the music and their fans.

Was gradual, from January to December, it is noticeable how war changes who wins, nobody else was the same, positive change, and that learning never ends, but in essence, what really made them stand until the order which was always in the background were from the beginning, Justin & Beliebers.

Check out the highlights of Justin in 2013 and the top moments chosen by Beliebers for our retrospective this week on Twitter with the tag #BieberIn2013 :


- Visited the The Voice Foundation, Ryan Seacrest institution that provides care in the health care of children and providing social services to needy families.

- Launch of its seventh album, Believe Acoustic, which sold over 400,000 copies in just two weeks of release and was #1 in over 55 countries in less than 24 hours of release.


- It was the special guest and musical attraction of Saturday Night Live for the first time .

- In the program Late Show with Jimmy Fallon , Justin held a relaxed interview and left thousands of euphoric fans when he kissed a mannequin.

- Scheduled a Justin Twitcam / Live Stream that could not perform due to the large number of people who were online to watch and brought down the server of the largest sites of transmission of live video Singer intended to release a new song, “You Want Me ” but with so many unforeseen, Justin recorded a video apology with a piece of music, but it was never released in studio version.


- After a turbulent month, with run-ins with paparazzi and describing the date you completed 19 years as his “worst birthday,” Justin became ill during a concert at the O2 Arena in London and released photos on his Instagram to reassure fans after be cared for in hospital. Days later, in an interview with Bild , said of all the pressure he faced in the month of your birthday.


- Justin went with the Believe Tour through Europe and beyond to visit the Anne Frank Museum and caused controversy with a statement that was later clarified by the singer who did not intend to offend the memory of the Holocaust victim .

- Justin also had his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez , accompanying him on some of the places you have been to Believe Tour in Europe.


- A man invaded the stage of the show Justin during the Believe Tour in Dubai.

- Surprised his fans at Whitney Elementary School , donating food fueled the school for a year .

- Release the clip Will.i.am, with participation of Justin, “That Power”.

- He received his first Billboard Milestone Award , along with the Billboard Top Male Artist award.

- Participation Justin Bieber in serious The Simpsons is disclosed.

- Received the Diamond Award for the song “Baby” , which was 12x platinum, making it the most certified 1st song in the history of music in America.


- Fans got confirmation of dates that the Believe Tour pass by Brazil .

- U.S. Magazine to interview and take photos of the backstage tour Justin hit newsstands .


- Release of his third fragrance, “The Key”.

- Justin has 4 albums among the top 50 sellers of the decade in the U.S. .


Granted the 200th wish, with the Make-A-Wish , finding fan Annalysha Brown-Rafanan , breaking the record for most number of wishes granted by a music artist.

- Launched a duet with Michael Jackson Unauthorized, “Slave To The Rhythm” .


- Clip “Lolly”, Ali Maejor music with participation of Justin.

- Participation in Funny Or Die .

- Justin became the first artist in history to achieve five number # 1 albums before age 19 .


- Launched his Music Mondays series on iTunes, releasing a song every Monday at midnight for 10 straight weeks. (Each song released reached the top 5 most sold on iTunes every week.)

- sincere interview with Justin Scooter for THR .

- Helped build a school in Guatemala with the NGO Pencils of Promise, a charity he has supported for years .


- Justin Bieber in Brazil!

- Won 3 categories of EMA 2013 .


- performed a private acoustic show for a Belieber, Kate O’Neill, after she failed to attend his concert in Australia, due to a car accident.

- Concluded his tour “Believe”, performing over 150 shows in over 40 countries and ending the tour with over $ 209.2 million dollars raised.

- Visited Yolanda typhoon victims in the Philippines and raised more than $ 1 million dollars for them with their campaign # GiveBackPhilippines. Also, Justin auctioned material and an autographed photo of your graffiti to raise funds and granted the copyright to the song ‘I Would’, the album “Song For The Philippines” to donate to typhoon victims .

- surprised fans with a premiere of “Believe” and distributing toys to children on Radio Disney .

- released his eighth album in digital form, “Journals” in iTunes, which reached # 1 in over 46 countries. Completing his publicity campaign “Music Mondays” .

- He released his second film / documentary, “Believe” .

- Clarified and declared himself to his fans, saying he will never leave them, instead of denying the rumors of a retirement .

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