Justin Bieber’s New Gal Chantel Jeffries Tried to Sell Stories for $20,000

Model Chantel Jeffries walks past Justin Bieber at beach inPanama CityJustin Bieber’s latest girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries, has been trying to sell her story for $20,000 — but abruptly pulled out of TV interviews after spending the weekend with the 19-year-old pop star in Panama.

Multiple sources tell Page Six that a rep for Bieber’s drag-racing babe had reached out to the weekly magazines and to producers of shows including “GMA,” “Today” and “Inside Edition” to talk about her night with the teen star, which ended in his DUI arrest and infamous glassy-eyed mug shot.

One source said, “She hired an attorney and was negotiating a deal with the weekly magazines and the big TV shows. She wanted $20,000 plus a guaranteed mention of her modeling career.” Continue reading

Justin Bieber Moving Out of Calabasas Home, California

Justin Bieber Moving Out Calabasas Home

Moving trucks carted away Justin Bieber’s belongings and off to a new mansion early last week.

For some time, rumors that the singer Justin Bieber had placed his mansion in Calabasas, California for sale were growing in several sites, among them the “TMZ”  claiming that sources close to the singer revealed that it had intend to sell the mansion and live elsewhere.

On Monday (28), the X17 Online has updated photos of several trucks leaving the mansion changes from Justin.  He is changing his huge mansion in Calabasas, California, located in Los Angeles County. And X17online exclusively seen it up close. The pop star had in mind to move even before being arrested last January 23 in Miami.

Bieber has spent the last two days in Panama with his girlfriend, Chantel Jeffries after his arrest on suspicion of DUI, nodes of X17 want you to know that when Justin back to Los Angeles, he probably will be in a new house. Continue reading

Lil Za Not Moving out of Justin Bieber’s Mansion In Calabasas

Justin Bieber Lil Za CalabasasJustin Bieber would have move out his friend, Lil Za , the Luxury mansion in which the Canadian superstar welcomed a little over a year ago, in Calabasas. The rapper has deleted his account on the Twitter, after being bombarded with criticism from some fans who do not find it to be a good influence for Justin.

Despite alleged sources have stated that Za was staying at a hotel in the city, according to the “TMZ”  with a recent photo Za uploaded to his account in Instagram app, in the mansion of Bieber in the kitchen too Monday, the story that Justin asked Lil Za leave his mansion is completely false.  Continue reading

Video: Katy Perry, Jamie Foxx And Ariana Grande Give Advice To Justin Bieber

justin bieber adviceThe awards ceremony was held at the Grammy Awards on Sunday and behind the scenes of the award, one of the names most mentioned in the interviews was that of Justin Bieber. While not attending the event, the singer’s recent arrest in Miami were targeted for discussion on the night of the greatest music awards.

Following this line, the Extra interviewed the stars Katy PerryJamie Foxx and Ariana Grande , questioning what advice they would give to Justin to overcome the troubled period in his career. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber – Confident ft. Chance The Rapper Official Music Video

Justin bieber Confident Music videoJustin Bieber has released the official video clip “Confident” , partnership with Chance the Rapper which is part of the latest musical project of Canadian digital album, JournalsDirected by Colin Tilley , the video curiously brings the same actress in the last clip of Justin, “All That Matters“, Cailin Russo , starring the scenes of the video that also brings a lot of dancing in the production filmed in December 2013 in Los Angeles .

The clip was posted to the account of the Bieber VEVO is a new challenge for the army of fans of the star, seeking to recover the record for the most watched video in 24 hours of release. Watch The Music Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Quad biking in Panama Beach!

Justin Bieber Quad biking Panama Beach 1Justin Bieber continues his stay of rest and fun enjoying the beautiful beaches of Punta Chame , Panama. The singer who is staying at the Nitro City, took the afternoon of Monday (27), with more privacy, since the Nitro City isolated a large part of the hotel area to let groups of fans, photographers and curious further and so the singer get to enjoy free time. 

The decision to isolate a large area of the hotel and control the amount of fans circling the star at the place, came from businessman Bieber, who according to reports from one of the fans, chatted amicably with them and said, “If you love Justin let it rest for a while, these four weeks were very hard for him “ .’s decision would have been to avoid more riots, as crowds of fans had surrounded the complex that Bieber is hosted in search of a glimpse of the star and caused great turmoil and inconvenience to other guests. Checkout Gallery + Video!

‘Let’s Build A Fire’ Father Of Miley Cyrus Invites Justin Bieber To His Farm

justib bieber bill ray cyrusCountry star Billy Ray Cyrus , father of singer Miley Cyrus, has some advice for Justin Bieber after the teenage pop star was arrested last week – to forget things a bit more – and he also said he would be happy to invite for Bieber his farm.

When interviewed on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards for ET Online reporter Nancy O’Dell about the problems with the law Bieber to visit Miami Beach, Cyrus said he wished to “invite him to go to the farm,” to participate in more relaxed and far from a modern city activities. “Would you like to invite you to go to the farm, go out to the field. Build a bonfire, you know, go out and watch the hawks, and eat turkey. Just a little back to life . ” Continue reading

‘People Are Being Too Harsh With Him’ Ellie Goulding On Justin Bieber

justin bieber ellie gouldingDuring an interview with Capital FM , the English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, defended Justin Bieber constant criticism of the media, which intensified after his arrest

“Everyone goes through this phase a sort of just messing up a bit, I did it too.’s A strange life, we should not take everything so seriously, but at your level, even at my level, which is the way most below it, it’s weird. You have to do some strange things and your life can get a little intense “ .

She added: “It is not strange that from time to time you fail and it just happens, I think everyone has an epiphany eventually and realize that they are lost and are not in a good place and you fix it.”

However, it is not only the arrest of Justin that made him a target of bad media, but several earlier incidents. However, Ellie stood firm in saying that the troubled pop star can overcome his demons. Continue reading

Justin Bieber ‘Confident’ Video Teaser Released

justin bieber confident videoJustin Bieber has confirmed that the official video for his current single, “Confident”, would be launched on Wednesday (29), the VEVO has released a teaser for fans kill the curiosity that may confer the clip directed by Colin Tilley. 

With the launch of the new clip of Justin Bieber“Confident”, on VEVO, fans have a big and important mission, make this new video from Justin the most watched of all time within 24 hours of release! Watch Teaser Video!