‘He was super polite’, says producer who worked with Justin Bieber for Funny or Die

justin bieber funny or die producerJustin Bieber made ​​an appearance on the web comedy series, Funny or Die , which appeared with British actor Zach Galifianakis in episode Between Two Ferns . Behind the production was Scott Aukerman, that during an interview with the HP, praised the behavior of the star on set. Check out the excerpt from the interview that Bieber is quoted:

Karen: And Justin Bieber misbehaved on set?

Scott: He was super nice and polite. Justin is a big fan of comedy. He wanted to do it.We tried so many over the years. You always hear of a publisher who “fill the void of anyone.” So, we started writing a [script] for them, and ended up with a phone call with his manager, and we have found a person who wanted to do it. Idea was his aide, something that would be cool for them. It was something that took our time. When someone like Justin wants to do it, it’s really fun for us.

We have a rule that is a closed set. No advertisements are allowed. It works better that way. We are very fortunate to work with great people.

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