VIDEO: ‘Just on the cheek’, OLLG Adelaide clarifies Justin Bieber kiss

OLLG australiaOne of the most anticipated moments during performances of Justin Bieber ’s song One Less Loney Girl where the star sings to a lucky girl, who in addition to receiving the long awaited serenade Bieber wins flowers and caresses the singer. It was no different in passing Believe Tour the city of Adelaide in Australia.

During the presentation on Thursday (05), Bieber did everything as usual, except for the surprise ending, which allegedly kissed the girl and that would have been the kiss on the mouth. After falling and videos on the network, Isabella Feleppa clarified what actually happened, commenting on one of the many videos of his moment next to the idol. Check out:

“Hello everyone, just letting you know that Justin just kissed me on the cheek, nothing more!Thanks for the amazing experience! “

Scrappy, stage manager of the Believe Tour Justin commented about it on his Twitter, saying,“Haha, hmm what happened to OLLG tonight …?” , and Justin in turn replied, “What happened :)

Check out videos of the moment:

The issue has divided opinions among fans, that even after Isabella denied, some did not believe much that the kiss was only on the cheek. And you, what do you think?

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