VIDEO: ‘No, I’m just taking a break,’ Justin Bieber clarifies that will not retire

Justin Bieber retireDuring a radio interview with Power 106 FM, Justin Bieber stated that it would be ‘retiring’, and the declaration of the star caused comments from fans who thought Justin would be giving up the music, but actually only a few seconds the interview had been released and finally the full version of the interview excerpt was released and it became clear what was already predicted that Justin will not give up music, but who wants to take more time to off at some point in his career. Check out the video:

Big Boy: What do you say about the new album? Tell me the name, give me details.
Justin : The new album … I’ll stay away guy.

Big Boy: Oh, I’m not happy right now, I want news.
Justin : I’ll walk away, I’ll take time, I think I’ll probably stay away from music.

Big Boy: You will not get away, just go change direction.
Justin : The new album is being released.

Big Boy: That means you did not give up music?
Justin : No, I’m just taking a break.

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