‘I got Butterflies Kissing JB’ girl in the video for ‘All That Matters’ talks about Justin Bieber

justin bieber cailin russoJustin Bieber has released the music video of the single “ All That Matters . In the video, Justin and Model Cailin Russo makes the romantic pair with the right kisses and hot scenes as well. In an exclusive interview to the magazine’s website Cosmopolitan , Cailin was told how to record the video with the star and more. 

 Meet Cailin Russo , the girl who got everything up with Justin Bieber as his loving partner in her latest music video for “ All That Matters ”. Since the release of the video, Russo reveals that she has received a number of death threats from Bieber fans. On the positive side, she had a private time with Bieber in his trailer – and now facetimes and text messages with him. Before, she told Cosmopolitan.com everything about your experience in conjunction with the superstar.
Cosmopolitan: First of all, how old are you?
Cailin Russo : I’m 19, but I’ll be doing 20 on December 17.
Cosmopolitan: And how were you chosen for this video?
Cailin Russo : I’m in the Osbrink Agency commercially and I only have a day of casting.I’m friends with Dustin, the casting director, so I went and auditioned. I did not know what was the video I was auditioning – I thought it was one of seven girls in the video. After I took the test, Dustin put my video to be seen first, and to my knowledge, mine was the only video they saw and decided from there.
Cosmopolitan: How was the casting?
Cailin Russo : It was super short, just like any other casting video. Like I said, I did not know what was this video.
Cosmopolitan: So you freaked out when I heard for what and who was the video?
Cailin Russo : I received the sheet the script before filming one night and my jaw dropped when I saw that just had my name and Justin Bieber. I was in shock. I knew it would be a big deal. I was not allowed to tell anyone about it, but I wanted to leave it as a surprise even.
Cosmopolitan: Were you nervous on the day of filming?
Cailin Russo : I did not feel like eating that day, but I was so ready to do the job. At first I was not too nervous because Justin just appeared a little later, but when it did it was when I was nervous. I did not know what was going to happen, because the music is super romantic, and once the filming was established in a certain way, I do not know if we would shoot together. But the first shot was us kissing!
Cosmopolitan: Um, that was intense. How do you feel about it?
Cailin Russo : At first it was weird because I had never kissed anyone so famous in such a passionate way. I was not a huge fan of him before doing this and I just kept thinking to myself that people would kill me for doing this.
Cosmopolitan: So he’s a good kisser?
Cailin Russo : It is. Kissing him was good – I had butterflies in my stomach and I still have today. After filming ended was all so surreal, I even took a penalty for speeding after filming because I was in shock. I guess you could say I would not mind doing it again. [Laughter]
Cosmopolitan: Overall, how was the Justin on set?
Cailin Russo : He introduced himself to everyone when he got there, and then he did his own thing and was talking to his staff. We were much more comfortable as the day went on. It was so nice to me and we talked all the time. We walked up on the tour bus and from the conversations he showed me some of his music, as music with R. Kelly – it was fun.
Cosmopolitan: You kissed more on the tour bus?
Cailin Russo : [laughs] No, we do not kiss on his tour bus.
Cosmopolitan: Ok, since you were so close to him, as is the scent?
Cailin Russo : He smelled so good, as a colony, but I could not tell which. And his breathing was very cool throughout the day.
Cosmopolitan: Would that be so with all these sexy kissing scenes. What has been the comments from other girls? You are receiving death threats or anything since the video was released?
Cailin Russo : I received several death threats, no like, “I’ll find her and kill her,” but I got ones that say, “Die” and “Kill yourself” – people have no limits to the media social, I was just doing my job. But there are many people defending me, too, which is good. I definitely gained a few fans with all this.
Cosmopolitan: Oh yeah?
Cailin Russo : Yes, my Twitter followers tripled to 6000 before the video out. It’s kind of crazy.
Cosmopolitan: Talking about the video, you liked how it was?
Cailin Russo : I think they made ​​me look elegant and not vulgar and I was happy with how Justin and I interact. He did not come out like we were pushing our tongues in our mouths or something weird like that.
Cosmopolitan: Well, there was clearly chemistry between you two, which helped, right?
Cailin Russo : I think so. I told myself not to hold back and give it my all, so for me, I wanted it to be as real as possible. I really let him take me right now.
Cosmopolitan: Regarding the sexy outfit for the video, Justin gave opinion about the cropped jumpsuit and leather hot pants that you used?
Cailin Russo : I think not. The costume director was going for a medium style jumpsuit with Aaliyah. And the leather suite helped define everything – it made ​​me feel sexy. I was ready to do what they wanted me to do.
Cosmopolitan: I know you said it was the first type of video that you did so. How much of what you did was improvised and it was directed?
Cailin Russo : I think it was half of each side. There’s a scene with a cube of ice and I did not know what to do with it. The director told me to love that ice cube, so I really had to think about how I’d really loving this ice cube. [Laughter] So, I thought about the time of sex, you know? But it was really cold on set, so it was a strange thing to do. All the lights were red, but that’s what helped, so I was able to get a result.
Cosmopolitan: So now we have the video finished, you still talk to Justin?
Cailin Russo : Yes, we still speak.
Cosmopolitan: How is the name of his contact on your phone?
Cailin Russo : I put him under a false name. If my phone is off and I’m with people, I do not want anyone seeing if he sends me text or call me at FaceTime, you know?
Cosmopolitan: Ah, so he calls you by FaceTime?
Cailin Russo : Yes, we do that a lot, just occasionally.
Cosmopolitan: When he sends you text messages, it uses emoticons?
Cailin Russo : No, just that smiling face you do with a colon and a parenthesis.
Cosmopolitan: How would you describe your status with him?
Cailin Russo : We’re friends. We’ll leave when he’s around and I would eventually write a song with him someday. His music is so good, I was really intimidated when I heard him sing.
Cosmopolitan: Are you currently in a relationship?
Cailin Russo : We had finished the period recording and release of the video. We broke up for about a week, but we are together again … for now.
Cosmopolitan: So what attracted you / surprised you most about Justin?
Cailin Russo : That he is humble. He does not try to be flashy and he does not say anything like, “check out my abdomen healed.” [Laughs] He was focused with the filming and he was very good at all.
Cosmopolitan: What is the sexiest thing about him?
Cailin Russo : His voice and his smile – oh my god, it makes my heart crumble a bit.
Cosmopolitan: The harem pants it excited you?
Cailin Russo : I like his style and, yes, I liked the harem pants. We were both wearing.The goals were leather and I was using was my own.
Cosmopolitan: pocuo Changing a subject, obsessed fans are comparing you with Selena. What do you think?
Cailin Russo : I think it’s ridiculous. Selena is a superstar and I’m just a girl in a video.She is his ex and I’m sure they still have feelings for each other.
Cosmopolitan: How do you think she felt seeing you in the video with him?
Cailin Russo : I’m sure there may be a grudge, but I was just doing my job. She posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “I thought he just liked the Latin category … Smh # # semmaquiagem odeioquandoasgarotasdizemisso.” . Was clearly directed at him in the video with me, but as I said I was just doing my job.
Cosmopolitan: How did you feel when he posted a photo of you kissing him on the cheek on Instagram?
Cailin Russo : I did not know he was going to post the picture of us on the set, but when I saw I was like , “Oh sh * he posted this!”
Cosmopolitan: I’m sure when people saw, your phone probably exploded. What do your friends say about the whole experience?
Cailin Russo : People with whom I do not speak always say about me and out of nowhere and wanting my friendship and all. It is strange.
Cosmopolitan: Has your life changed since the video?
Cailin Russo : There was nothing too crazy – but you probably would not be calling me if I was not in it, then this is it.
Cosmopolitan: So what’s next for you?
Cailin Russo : I’m leaving on a big trip for my birthday in Nigeria, but when I return I hope there is a ton of opportunities waiting for me. We’ll see!

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