THE HOT HITS: ‘An amazing show,’ says critic after watching Believe Tour in Melbourne

Justin Bieber believe tourJustin Bieber performed the first of two shows with “Believe Tour” in the city of Melbourne , Australia, one of the members of the site The Hot Hits , was present at the concert and told the event details. Justin Bieber did an amazing show in Melbourne, and of course the The Hot Hits was not left out, we had to go check out this amazing event.

The Australian singer, Cody Simpson is right as the opening act (another of our favorites, which in turn explains the affection he receives this site), it kicked off with an incredibly strong performance. It’s not often we have a reception with singers like Cody Simpson had the girls were screaming at him all the time while he was on stage. It has great songs, can sing, dance and play the guitar. He has a cute arms, Cody is an icon Hot Hits Live From LA, it’s good to have him home.

After waiting to hear one of the biggest hits of the last five years, and finally the countdown appeared. It was very funny to see everyone getting up and going toward the stage. But the guards were forcing fans back to their seats.

And then Justin finally came! All of a sudden, he was on stage, he was amazing. The energy was high, he seemed very excited to be in Melbourne (he tried to pronounce the name correctly, but could not), we were very excited to see him doing his performance.

The cost of this tour must have been much higher than the My World Tour . The high levels of dancers, the lighting was excellent. I loved the video of Justin chasing paparazzi.

There were many incredible moments, we have made a top five favorite parts of the show.

5 - Beauty and The Beat , fans would not stop crying while singing this song.

4 – The tracks on the album Believe, Die In Your Arms and Catching Feelings , these songs allow you to show Justin’s voice perfectly.

3 – The medley of One Time / Eenie Meenie / Somebody To Love , because it takes time for the fans that everyone fell in love with him.

2 – When Justin returned to the stage to finish the show, but no shirt and everyone went crazy, the whole arena was screaming.

1 – He singing All That Matters acoustic, and everyone knew the words. That moment was very special, everything was perfect.

With only two songs to really end the show, everyone singing along Boyfriend and Baby .The show was wonderful, hopefully Justin will come back soon, because the fans will not wait long endure.

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