Believe Movie: Who is the REAL Justin Bieber?

real justin bieberThe director of the new documentary Justin BieberJon M. Chu has been conducting several interviews over the past few weeks, addressing his daily contact with the Canadian singer and details about the movie  Believe . Seeking to address the issue, the released the interview with the same, where several topics were discussed. Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Is The Most Searched Celebrity On The Internet In 2013

justin bieber google search 2013The famous magazine Teen Vogue , published the list of the 50 Most Searched Celebrities in 2013 . Justin Bieber was not only one of the most important names in the internet as of 2013 also tops the list published by the magazine. Check out a brief comment on the performer occupy the # 1 spot: Continue reading

Justin Bieber Journals Album Is One of The Best Sellers Of 2013 On Itunes

justin bieber journals albumThe Journals , the latest album by Justin Bieber just released digitally on iTunes on December 23, joined the list of best-selling albums of iTunes in 2013. The singer was ranked #3 on the list that brings albums released over time, and even most recently, held a position in the ranking of the success of iTunes this year. Below is the list of the TOP 10 best selling albums in iTunes: Continue reading

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Promises To Surprise With ‘Hold Tight’ And ‘OLLG’

justin bieber ollgJustin Bieber updated your account in the app Viddy with a new video that brings scenes of traditional moment of Justin with a fan on stage during the song One Less Lonely Girl and the audio of Hold Tight . In the same subtitle promised a surprise that comes with preparing Alfredo Flores and involving the songs “Hold Tight” and “One Less Lonely Girl” .  Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber retirement story invented by negative media!

justin bieber retire rumorJustin Bieber decided to make a joke with his fans on Twitter, when he said he was making official his retirement, but minutes later, the singer denied the story and reported that it was just a way to vent about the negative focus and rumors invented by the media.

Days after the tweet that caused several new headlines confirming the retirement of Bieber, Allison Kaye , general manager Scooter Braun Projects , sent a statement to the Speakeasy , stressing that it was all a joke and that the singer Bieber does not plan to retire despite the more time you want to devote more to your family and friends in 2014. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Among Top 10 Twitter Gainers in 2013

justin bieber twitterThe People Magazine reported in a recent edition printed a list of celebrities that have gained most followers in 2013 and Justin Bieber could not stay out of the highlights of microblogging which currently holds the # 2 spot.

According to statistics compiled by the Twitter by November this year, Bieber drew more than 13 million new followers only in 2013 (with updated information, more than 14 million). Check out the scan of the magazine that brings Justin # 2 place behind singer Katy Perry: Continue reading

Billboard: With The ‘Journals’, Justin Bieber Takes The First Place In Social 50


billboard social 50The album of Justin BieberJournals“, released on December 23, is already making history in the famous list of Billboard , the Social 50, in less than a week of release. The singer took the first singer Beyonce, after the success of the album that launched 16 songs, including 6 unreleased.

The site of Billboard reported on Friday (27), the details of the maneuver that brought Bieber to the top of the Billboard Social 50 this week.  With the release of “Journals” , this Monday, December 23, Justin Bieber left the online world on fire, in turn, returns to 1st place in the Social 50 retrieves the throne for the first time at 18 weeks . Continue reading

Justin Biebers ‘Believe Movie’ Review!

Justin Bieber Believe Movie-ReviewWhere ‘Never Say Never’ documented Justin Bieber’s stratospheric rise to fame, his second documentary, ‘Believe’, offers an intimate look into the young singer’s life that answers all the questions about his recent, much-publicized ‘bad boy’ behavior.

When Justin Bieber‘s manager, Scooter Braun, told ABC News Radio that Believe would portray Justin as a “human being” and with “complete vulnerability,” he wasn’t wrong. Believe is a perfect Christmas gift to the ever-loyal Beliebers who may have been questioning the pop star’s recent choices and his commitment to his fans. Scooter sums it up by saying, “I think people forget that it’s just a 19-year-old kid, trying to figure it out.” Continue reading

‘I Will Never Leave You’ Justin Bieber Joked about Retirement And Wish Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Justin BieberJustin Bieber left some fans confused after tweeting, My beloved Beliebers, it’s official, I’m retiring, the singer decided to make a joke, something typical from the singer on their social networks and to reassure fans call Justin posted then “Lol” , which means “laughing out loud,” making it clear that he was just joking.

The subject of ‘retirement’ singer has been circulating in the media and has been clarified by Justin and his team, but it was not long before some tabloid sensationalist texts already disclose tweet about Justin. After 48 minutes later Justin returned to his account on the microblogging site Twitter and made ​​it clear to fans and even wished Merry Christmas to them. Check out the tweets and pics: Continue reading

VIDEO: Exclusive Justin Bieber BELIEVE Movie Trailer

justin bieber believe movieJustin Bieber debuts the new trailer for ‘Believe,’ which hits theaters on Christmas Day. “Believe” is the follow-up to 2011′s “Never Say Never,” which was also directed by Jon M. Chu. This latest film chronicles Justin’s personal ups and downs, as well as the recording of 2012′s Believe album and his tour in support of it and will show backstage, controversies and revelations of career and personal life of the star between 2012 and 2013. Watch The Video!