VIDEO: In the new teaser ‘Believe Movie’, Justin Bieber reveals the most intimate moment with fans

justin bieber be alrightJustin Bieber released a new teaser for their movie, Believe Movie and the new video the singer reveals the most intimate moment with fans during concerts the Believe Tour and share the emotion that feels the same . The video is part of the advertising campaign “Film Fridays” , which every Friday brings a new teaser of the film which opens Dec. 25 in the United States. Watch The Video!

BILLBOARD: Success of Justin Bieber tour in South America puts singer in 1st in Hot Tours

justin bieber believe tourThe site of the renowned U.S. magazine Billboard, specializing in information about the music industry released its weekly ranking the  “Hot Tours” list, which ranks the most lucrative tours and their ramifications. No doubt,  Justin Bieber  was not left out of this with the Believe Tour, occupying the # 1 spot on the list. 


Justin Bieber takes the # 1 spot in the weekly poll  “Hot Tours”  Billboard, based on their shows with  Believe Tour  in 12 countries over a period of four weeks. Five shows were reported this week, 4 of which were held in stadiums. With over 113,000 tickets sold, sales exceeded the value of $ 12,200.000 thousand dollars, respectively in the cities of the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile.  Continue reading

VIDEO: Justin Bieber appears in the hottest scenes in 2nd Preview Clip of ‘All That Matters’

Justin Bieber Kissing All That MattersA new preview video clip of Justin BieberAll That Matters aired during a commercial on YouTube, on Wednesday (26). In new scenes the singer appears in warm moments side of the model Cailin Russo . Watch The Video!

‘The truth, as never seen before speaking, “Scooter says about Justin Bieber in Believe Movie

justin bieber cryingThe singer Justin BieberScooter Braun said the 19-year old will tell the truth in a way that fans could ever witness yet. The sincere outburst Justin is only in his new film, Believe” Movie , to be released on December 25 in the United States and in more than 30 countries by 2014. Check out the stretch where Braun talks about what fans will find in “Believe Movie” :

“He will tell the truth, as I had never seen him speak before, all he is hiding in the last nine months he has put into this movie,” Continue reading

BELIEVE MOVIE: Official trailer of the new movie Justin Bieber is disclosed

justin bieber believe movie-trailorSince it started its career, Justin Bieber lives amid the spotlight, being the victim of numerous rumors, and stamping a series of headlines, often controversial, but the star will be showing his tour and again telling her story in theaters, this time with long Believe , which promises to show the truth.

After a wait full of expectations, the official trailer for the new movie Justin “Believe” , was released. The longest video with scenes from the movie since Justin started publishing a few seconds of the documentary showed more broadly the spectacle of music with his tour, “Believe”, a look backstage and personal life and outpourings of the Canadian superstar.  Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Released ‘All That Matters’ Official Teaser

justin bieber all that matters teaserJustin Bieber announced that fans around the world were eager to check out the preview of his next music video, All That Matters . Along with a treat of hot and romantic scenes that will bring the video, Justin also announced the official release date of the clip directed by Colin Tilley and will be on Monday, December 2.

Justin Bieber lowers the lights and goes in for a kiss in the steamy video for “All That Matters,” the second release in his #MusicMondays series. Justin makes out with his sexy girl in the clip, which was shot earlier this month in L.A. Watch The Video!

VIDEO: Justin Bieber performs dream girl with severe disease along with the Make A Wish

justin bieber make a wishDuring the Meet & Greet in Auckland, New Zealand, Justin Bieber received a fan who got to know him through the institution Make-A-Wish , which helps young people with serious illnesses realize their dreams. A fan who was present at the scene managed to film the incredible moment that the star had with the girl. 

Justin thanked the gift received saying he would read the letter later, and returned with a kit with photos and other things from him, taking the opportunity to sign it. The Canadian made sure to ask the girl’s name when writing the dedication and showed once again how much they care about their fans. Watch The Video!

‘I love my Beliebers,’ Justin Bieber updates video with fans in New Zealand

believe tour beliebersJustin Bieber updated his account application Viddy , disclosing some moments of the Meet & Greet which held the evening of Friday (22) hours before taking the stage the Believe Tour in New Zealand, and thanking the fans for their cherished moment he had with several of them through their account on the microblogging site Twitter, saying, “Te Amo..Thank you for making me feel so at home“ .  Watch The Video!

VOTE: Justin Bieber is up for Best 3D Movie on the Billboard

justin bieber never say neverThe site of the prestigious music magazine Billboard opened a new poll where you want to know which is the best 3D documentary on the opinion of fansFive films in contention for major music stars like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, One Direction, Jonas Bohters, and of course, the singer is Justin Bieber. Check out the list of  documentaries:  Continue reading