Beliebers mean everything to me: Justin Bieber talked about his music & Fans with Jake Newby

justin bieber music beliebersJustin Bieber concert held in Macao , China and warm preparations for the arrival of the Canadian star, he granted an interview with  Jake Newby , where he talked about his music, future plans and declared his love for Beliebers .

At just 19, he is more influential than the president and has more wealth than almost any other public figure. But as Justin Bieber told Jake Newby , the pop phenomenon just wants to be respected for his music. 

If you ever get worried about the state of today’s youth, do yourself a favor and do not look for ‘Justin Bieber’ on Google. Stories increasingly sinister and bizarre about it seem to appear on the network to speed news feed on Twitter – and sometimes gossip blogs seem to be faster. In the last 12 months, so to say, the 19 years has been the target of complaints involving the use of drugs, faced a paternity test with a former fan and apologized for threatening to ‘beat and end’ with a paparazzoThe stories seem to be getting increasingly bizarre and also, in the summer the German authorities made contact with the singer after he had abandoned his pet monkey, Mally, who was quarantined after he tried to enter the country without the necessary documentation to animal.

Of course, despite protests normal ( “I’m just a kid” and “I’m like everybody else,” Bieber told us that at one point), it would be risky to compare the behavior of the star with an entire generation. Few teens have a net worth estimated at U.S. $ 130 million or supposedly have more influence on Twitter than President Obama – and no matter the fact that Bieber owns a pet monkey. And it is true that many of the stories are unfairly hyped (he is really becoming a rebellious teenager for his age?), and often accompanied by a rumor, anonymous quotes and blurring of smartphones. Nevertheless, it is also true that Bieber did not help himself sometimes – can be hard to escape the image of an arrogant brat when you’re three hours late for his own show.

“I’m not perfect and I will make mistakes,” says Bieber days before his concert in Macau, which happens in October. “I do not want to be pure, but I also want to be a good role model through my music and interviews.” Does he worry that his rebellious behavior may lead to a decline in its popularity? “I have bad days and bad interviews, and I can get upset, but I think people in general see that I am a good person , “ he says, adding: “I just hope it lasts.”

This last comment is particularly revealing, because if Bieber is the quintessential modern pop star, then there is a good chance that it is nearing its expiration date. In an attempt to ensure that does not happen, the latest Bieber album , “Believe , which was released in mid-2012, was to mark a change of trajectory and present a new musical maturity. “I want to continue to evolve and change , “ he explains. “Some of them [other pop stars] is locked in a box and began to sing things that are inappropriate, or things that young people can not hear. This is the issue with my music: is appropriate, is emotional. And I never want to be a cookie cutter, because these people annoy me. “

The change of his 2010 album, My World 2.0, is not so radical that he will leave his legions of young fans (or ‘Beliebers’) very confused.

His ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez recently released a film more adult, Spring Breakersand when asked what he thought of the movie, Justin says, “I really did not watch the movie, so I can not comment on that.”

However, despite some letters talking about cheese, Bieber said he believes that his music deserves respect. “I think if people would just listen, you know, they might not like the style of music. But you have to respect that because I took too long to do, “he says. “I just want to prove to the haters that they are wrong and make good music.”

In fact, there is a certain irony in the fact that Bieber, whose fame began on the internet (he was discovered at age 13, after his mother posted videos of him singing on YouTube), had his life over the years registered online having a constant media attention, no lack of curious and negative comments about his antics off the stage. “I would like to have more privacy? Sure – I’m the center of attention 24 hours and 7 days a week,” he says . Paparazzi chase me all the time, and can be difficult and definitely is exhausting. But you just have to get over it.”

Of course, there are two sides to every story. And while there is looking increasingly impressive paparazzi and the constant barrage of ‘enemies’, he has his Beliebers - “My Beliebers? Did you just ask about my Beliebers? I could write a book about them, if you want,” says them. “They mean everything to me. They are the reason I’m here. God has blessed me so much.”

Fact supported by his fans almost religiously worshiped, Bieber certainly does not seem to be showing signs of decay, it has remained for six years in pop. So where does he see yourself five years ago? “Well, when I’m 24 years old, I probably … wow, I do not know,” he says. “It’s a long time between now and then.”

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