Justin Bieber is judged by a society that does not know him!

Justin Bieber RealityThe “ Fan Friday “ managed by Vivian Pham and Alicia Tamboia, displays weekly posts giving voice to many fans of artists talk about their idols and also giving the opportunity to show good deeds of famous that the media does not show.

The “Fan Friday” this Friday (20) was dedicated to Canadian Justin Bieber . The article published by these two young people, one fan of Justin, commented on the various institutions that Bieber donates even remembering that the Canadian was named the most accomplished artist who wishes to children in the history of the Make A Wish .

For people who do not know what goes on inside the world of Justin Bieber, it is quite common to judge him based on the stories that the media reports. Have you ever stopped to wonder why the bad stories are always in the headlines, but when a celebrity does something good it is very difficult to find anything talking about this subject?

Justin recently received the title of Make A Wish as the artist who “met more requests.”And when all this was happening, what was in the newspapers? Stories about him have been naked with a guitar in each of his grandmother and him peeing in a bucket from a restaurant.

Before the fame, Justin was just an ordinary boy from Canada, facing many struggles in childhood. Beliebers know that Justin and seen as a form of hope, inspiration, motivation and much more, is different for each person.

Knowing how is not having much, Justin donates food to food banks, toy for children and also supports a variety of charities. Bieber is giving $ 1 for every ticket sold on their tour “Believe” for the Pencils of Promise. Currently, Justin helped raise enough money to build an entire school, in a third world country, and the tour is not over yet! With Justin constantly being grateful, he is inspiring many fans around the world to do the same.During this past summer, Beliebers helped raising about $ 26,000 for the Cure AT / RT, a foundation in honor of Mrs.Bieber, Avalanna Routh.

Justin’s story is not the only thing that keeps Beliebers around him. Justin is hardworking, dedicated and passionate about what he does. He is constantly recording, performing on tour, giving interviews, making videos, photographing or being photographed. Despite his busy life, Justin goes above and beyond to stay closely connected to their fans. He’s always on Twitter, or stopping to take pictures on the street, he tries to do his best to make each of them feel a bit special

Anyone who likes music albums knows that it takes time to do and they do not happen overnight. Justin is aware of it, but that did not stop working all the time to do the best we can, to make music for their fans as soon as possible. His work ethic has shown to his colleagues that anything is possible if they put that in mind. So many fans know that Justin and are asked how or why, they often respond dizendom, “good, Justin taught me to NEVER SAY NEVER.”

Justin is talented, and there is simply no denying. Singing, dancing, writing, playing instruments, performing – the guy does everything. As Justin continues to grow as an artist, Beliebers will continue to support and encourage him. Imagine having your life appears in the public eye for 24 hours and 7 days a week – How would you handle this? It can not always be perfect, but instead of trying to destroy him and put down, maybe it’s time to start supporting all the good it does.

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