VIDEO: Chelsea Lately launches 2nd episode comedy series about Justin Bieber’s future

Bieberman Chelsea LatelyThe talk show Chelsea Lately this week launched a series entitled ‘BieberMan’ where the TV channel E! makes jokes about the future of Justin Bieber is in accordance with the program, the singer continue getting into so many controversies as has been happening lately.

With 30 years and no fame, Bieber Series Chelsea Lately is married to Selena Gomez gained a significant amount of pounds and is a housewife, while Justin delivers newspapers. Check out part 2 of the webseries: Watch The Video!

VIDEOS: TOP 5 best choreography with the music album ‘Believe’

Justin Bieber Choreography BelieveTo go further in climate Believe Tour in World, the team JB Musicx decided to do a Top 5 with the best choreography made ​​by fans with the songs from the album Believe“, which forms most of the songs that are part of the set list of tour. And if you like to venture a few small steps, check out the videos below: Watch The Video!

Justin Bieber Earns 6 million Dollars per show!

justin bieber earningJustin Bieber is currently doing performances around the world with the Believe Tour , which had its debut show in 2012. Since the release date Canadian tour has been considered one of the most profitable, ranking tenth place ranking in Billboard last year. Justin profits only increase and second a matter taken by site Ecuavisa , the singer would have earned $ 3 million (approximately U.S. $6 million dollars) per presentation. 

Have you ever been curious to know how much the charge by submitting your favorite singers? Continue reading

“I do it for you”. Justin Bieber shows video of his fans during concert in Bangkok

justin bieber fansJustin Bieber performed the 126th show of their tour, the Believe Tour in Bangkok, Thailand. The Canadian star always shows to his fans, the enormous gratitude and affection they have the support they receive from them, and this time Justin has updated its app Viddy account with scenes of his show in Bangkok, which shows thousands of fans during the song  ” Believe “ , which raised platelets written “They can not separate us – Beliebers forever” , to give the song that Justin did a tribute to the fans. Check out: Watch The Video!

‘One of his greatest adventures was to Justin Bieber,’ says mother of Avalanna Routh

justin bieber and avalanna routhThe small Avalanna Routh, also known as Mrs. Bieber died. The Belieber only 6 years old suffering from a rare type of brain cancer (AT / RT) and captured thousands of people around the world with his unique way of being, including Justin Bieber .

Eileen Roberts Routh , Avalanna mother, also spoke about one year of the death of little Belieber, telling the Huffington Post that one of the biggest adventures Mrs. Justin Bieber was known. Check abaixoas statements Avalanna’s mother:

“One of his greatest adventures was meeting Justin Bieber. Avalanna not bother less about the fame of Justin. She fell in love with a cute kid who was mesmerized by our little girl because she radiated life, love, laughter and absolutely nothing evil. She was the light of our lives and still shines for us. Continue reading

Ryan Butler talks about the influence of his friendship with Justin Bieber in his career

justin bieber ryan butlerBetween longtime friends of Justin Bieber ,  a name that can not be overlooked is that of Ryan Butler , Bieber’s friend since the days of elementary school. Movie lover, Ryan participated in some productions of Justin, as the video for One Time , the film Never Say Never and the recent participation in the clip “Melodies”, Madison Beer.

Ryan claims go beyond the participation in projects of his friend, as he dreams of becoming a film director. In a recent interview, Ryan was asked about the influence of Justin Bieber in such a dream.Check below: Watch The Video!

BELIEVE TOUR: Justin Bieber Concert in Bangkok, Thailand

justin bieber concert bangkok Justin Bieber took the stage of the Challenger Hall to perform their 126th show since it began Believe Tour . The singer who is passing through Asia, has been touring around the world and currently doing the last leg of the tour. Check out all the details of the show, in photos and videos separated by our team: Watch The Video!

‘Justin Bieber is super talented,’ Juicy J talks about his work with Justin!

Justin Bieber Juicy jJuicy J , famous American rapper and owner of more rap released a new album, ” Stay Trippy , “has had the opportunity to record with many famous pop music like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and of course, with the superstar Justin Bieber , with whom he recently recorded the music video for Lolly, music that has had a great feedback from the public, getting sales success in just one week on iTunes.

Check out the Juicy J, relying as it was working with Canadian Bieber and how talented you think: Continue reading

“I support him”: tennis star Eugenie Bouchard defends Justin Bieber!

justin bieber eugenie bouchardThe Canadian Eugenie Bouchard recently reached one of its greatest places in the ranking of the best female tennis players in the WTA , and is increasingly drawing the attention of fanatics sports now have the opportunity to meet other celebrities, Eugenie unfortunately have not met Justin Bieber , one of the people she would love to meet according to an interview she gave in to the site CNNSI . Check out what the tennis star said about Justin: Continue reading

Justin Bieber talks about fans, doubts and changes in his music!

Justin Bieber Fans MusicJustin Bieber is on tour with the Believe Tour in Asia and soon after his concert in Bangkok , which takes placed September 26, the tour will pass through the MasterCard Center in Beijing, Sept. 29, followed by a show in Dalian , day 02 October and one in Shanghai Oct. 5. It is the star’s first tour in China and Bieber gave an interview to a local site: GT.

Check out the excerpts from the interview with the statements of Justin, who revealed to have been afraid of the reaction of their fans with the album of their career transition, the “Believe” : Continue reading