Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Collaborate For Album BELIEVE

Justin Bieber wrote a song with Taylor Swift which will appear on his forthcoming album, the much-anticipated “Believe”. Justin confirmed the news with Capital FM.

During his chat with the U.K. radio outlet. He said:

“You know, the whole album is just so different, there’s so many different people collaborating. It’s crazy. I mean I even wrote a song with Taylor Swift, so the whole album ranges differently.”

While Taylor is a country-pop crossover singer, that doesn’t mean that ‘Believe’ will lean country. In fact, it won’t sound any one way. Justin said:

“With my music it doesn’t only stay in a box. Everything is so different and that’s why I’m so happy with this album. Everything doesn’t sound the same, everything’s different and [after] each song you won’t expect the next song to happen.”

Are you excited with Justin & Taylor’s collaboration?

Justin Bieber’s Biggest Fear, Growing up with Fans + Selena, Interview Seventeen Mag!

Justin Bieber’s exclusive interview with Seventeen Magazine, May issue. Justin talks what inspired his new album, the secret to his relationship with Selena, growing up with fans and his biggest fear!

On His Role Model
“Usher is who I look to for guidance. From the beginning, he told me to put family first and you’ll always succeed, because your family will never leave you. He told me to always stay humble and never forget where I came from.”

Growing Up With His Fans
“A lot of times, when artists grow older, they lose their younger fans because they’re just trying to get older fans. But if you try to make good music, then you’ll just appease everybody. I just want to make music that’s good for everybody.”

On His Romantic Dates With Girlfriend Selena Gomez
“I’m just trying to make her happy, that’s all. I think it’s important to make all women feel like they’re princesses, because every girl is a princess. I’m serious.”

Waste Not, Want Not
“Recently, there were so many things in my rider that went to waste, so I took a lot of things off my rider. Every day we were buying all this stuff and it was just sitting there. I got rid of it, I didn’t want to waste all the food.”

What Scares Him The Most
“Losing a family member is my biggest fear. I’ve never lost anyone, so I don’t know what the feeling would be. It would just be scary.”

The May issue of SEVENTEEN hits newsstands April 17th.

Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend #2 Most Downloaded Song Ever! 520k First-week!

As expected, Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend” has made an impressive debut. After dropping last Monday, the song has sold 520,000 downloads in its first week, reports MTV.com

The number is particularly meaningful since it places him at #2 in all-time first-week singles sales. Flo Rida’s track “Right Round,” featuring a then up-and-coming Ke$ha, has the Biebs beat, according to Hits Daily Double. Flo’s track sits at #1 with 636,000 units moved. Other big sellers include the Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” with 465,000 in downloads (#3), and Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” selling 447,000 (#4).

Justin Bieber’s ‘Born To Be Somebody’ Backs New ‘Bully’ Ad

Justin Bieber

On the heels of the very successful release of his new single “Boyfriend,” teen phenom Justin Bieber is lending his star power and the song “Born to Be Somebody” to a very worthy cause: the TV ad campaign for “Bully.”

The Weinstein Company announced Monday (April 9) that the Bieber-backed TV spot, which debuted on Fandango, will begin airing all over the U.S. ahead of the film’s PG-13 release this Friday

“My fans are always up for supporting a great cause. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of as an entertainer,” Bieber said in statement of his decision to be involved with the documentary. “I hope they see ‘Bully’ with their friends and help start the conversation so we can end bullying.”

The highly publicized documentary, which depicts the often-disastrous results of school bullying, originally received an R rating by the MPAA, which inspired 17-year-old Katy Butler to start a viral petition that received over 500,000 signatures, including Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Johnny Depp and Demi Lovato.

Justin Bieber’s Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber‘s electric car, a chromed-out Fisker Karma, might be good for the environment but that doesn’t make it exempt from tickets. Justin’s car has a row of fuchsia/purplish lights under the grill, which is big no-no, according to California law.

Video of Justin Bieber took Selena Gomez on a low key date to Chick-fil-A in the flashiest, most attention grabbing car on the planet!

TMZ reports that in CALIFORNIA, vehicles can only have white or amber lights facing forward. So the purple ones are a violation. Cops don’t care that Justin favors purple. It’s against the law. But that’s not all. The window tint is too dark, too. If caught Justin would be slapped with a ‘fix-it ticket’ citation.

Justin Bieber New Song “As Long As You Love Me”

Justin has revealed the title of his next song from his forthcoming album BELIEVE.

While talking to Heart FM, he explained that a personal favorite on the album is a song called “As Long As You Love Me”. He said:

“One of my favorites [on the album] is called ‘As Long As You Love Me’”

It is currently unknown whether the song is a cover of the Backstreet Boys single of the same name or a brand new song.