Driving Convertible Rolls-Royce, Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston Stopped by Police in Miami

Justin Bieber, 17, was pulled over while driving on July 29 in front of the T.G.I. Friday’s in South Beach, Miami. While TMZ reported he called for police protection from fans, in turns out the real reason for the stop was a bit more embarrassing!

Friday’s manager Ken Nosse tells TMZ Justin was stopped outside of his store at about 6:30 p.m., and the staff was shocked to see what was happening.

Server Miguel Barrass tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY:

“An undercover police officer was driving behind Justin and [his passenger] Sean Kingston,” .

“He pulled them over in front of the restaurant on Ocean Drive because he thought it was strange that this young kid was driving a brand new convertible Rolls-Royce. The officer asked Justin for his ID and Justin showed him his driver’s license.”

“Both Justin and Sean were really friendly and Sean explained that the car was his. While he was pulled over, people started recognizing that it was Justin Bieber and they started to surround the car. Fans were saying, ‘It’s Justin Bieber!’ Soon there were like 20 people on either side of the car, taking pictures of him. The police officer told the crowd to back away and then instructed Justin to drive off.”

Although Justin is old enough to drive, Miguel said it’s no surprise he was pulled over.

“Justin was driving like a little old lady with his two hands on the steering wheel,” he said. “It was really funny!”

Other eyewitnesses said it was amusing to see such a big star treated like a normal person.

“It seemed like they pulled Justin over because it looked like a 12-year-old driving the car and when the cops got up on him and realized it was Justin they all talked and laughed and Bieber went on his way. He was very polite and nice to the officers,” servers Binki and Jackie Parsons told Hollywoodlife.com.

CHAOS: Justin Bieber makes an Emergency Exit as fans Chasing him at Selena Gomez Concert

Justin Bieber had made a surprise visit to see girlfriend Selena Gomez play a headlining show in Boca Raton, Florida, at the city’s Mizner Park Ampitheater.

But word got out amongst the audience about JB’s presence and hundreds fans gave chase as he tried to leave the venue by a back door.
Run Bieber Run! Justin Bieber was forced to run for it when word got out that he was at girlfriend Selena Gomez’s show at Boca Raton in Florida

Demi Lovato DUET with Justin Bieber for her new Album?

Selena Gomez BFF Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber working on music together? According to some cryptic Tweets, Demi and Justin may be working on a duet together for Demi’s upcoming album!

Demi Lovato is also recording with artists Timbaland and Sebastian, who Tweeted;

“Wow we had some special guests stop by in the @ddlovato session today. Could it be a super duet in the process. Stay tuned!”

So how does the Justin’s connection work?

One of Sebastain’s followers made the guess that Justin was the one doing a duet, and Sebastian Tweeted back; “@AndreaLovesSwag u said justin bieber that is a very very good guess.”

Justin was in attendance at Selena’s concert in Boca Raton, Justin was there and created a chaos. So it all adds up! (Source: Okmagazine)

Selena Gomez Topless Showing her Breast, Will Justin Bieber be Ok with that?

Selena Gomez spotted relaxing topless at the poolside on July 29. She was so comfortable tanning that she flipped on her stomach and loosened the stings on her bikini top!
(Photo source:SplashNews.com /Hollywoodlife.com)

This really is more of Selena than we’ve ever seen!
We wonder what will Justin say about this picture that is all over the internet?

Note: We are not Selena haters, it’s just unfortunate for her being photographed by Paparazzi when she’s topless.

Justin Bieber is not in Canada? Did he lie to fans?

Did Justin Bieber lie to fans?

Even though Justin Bieber tweeted he’s in Canada, fans spotted him in Boca Raton, Florida with Selena Gomez July 28! He didn’t want to miss the first night of her tour!, reports Hollywoodlife.com.

Justin tweeted earlier how nice it was to be back in Canada, leaving beliebers to think he was going to be separated from his girlfriend Selena Gomez after spending a week together for her 19th birthday…but that is not the case!

Let’s hope this is just another prank and not a lie. Or probably it’s just random rumor from fake fans?

Both beliebers and Selenators alike have been tweeting spotting Justin and Selena in Boca Raton, Florida, where Selena’s concert is at the Mizner Park Amphitheater.

Justin wearing Selena’s “we own the night” shirt.
A fan wrote: “Justin Bieber is a liar! He tweeted that he is in Canada and I just saw him in south florida leaving the studio with Selena Gomez.”

Another eyewitness said Bieber fans were screaming when they saw Jelena.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Separated After Fun-Birthday Week

Selena Gomez arrived at Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Florida, holding an adorable Harley Davidson teddy bear. Maybe this was a gift from Justin Bieber for her birthday?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have parted ways after spending  a week together for Selena’s birthday and having lots of fun. Don’t worry, the split definitely isn’t a permanent one.

Selena is now in Florida where she’ll kick off her upcoming tour in Boca Raton on July 28, the next leg of her concert tour.

A Grown man Anthony Keidis Cried Over Justin Bieber Movie NSN, Twice

According to a recent interview with Q Magazine, a documentary movie “Never Say Never” featuring Justin Bieber got Anthony Keidis, who also known as the Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist to cry.

“I sat on an airplane recently, coming from Hawaii to Los Angeles, with [producer] Rick Rubin just across the aisle, watching the Justin Bieber movie, ‘Never Say Never,’ I cried twice during that film and I want the world to know that!” said Kiedis.

So which part of “Never Say Never” was it that caused this grown man Anthony Keidis cried?

“They were doing this very cheesy giveaway of concert tickets to 16-year-old girls. The cheesiness didn’t matter — it was the reaction of the kids. When you saw those little girls crying deliriously, I lost it.” said Keidis.