Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher New Movie “What Would Kenny Do?”

Justin Bieber and social media/actor Ashton Kutcher are joining forces for a new comedy film entitled “What Would Kenny Do?“, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Justin Bieber will play a younger version of Ashton Kutcher.

Although Justin Bieber not being available to shoot the Film until 2012 because of his touring commitments, an update has since stated that the project has been under development “for months, with Bieber both in mind and on board.”

This is not the first time JB and Ashton have tried to hook-up, following reports in January that Kutcher wanted Justin Bieber to host a revamped version of his hit MTV show, Punk’d.

There’s no word on who will direct “What Would Kenny Do?” or when we can expect to see it in theaters, but with mega-talent like Justin Bieber on board, people would be crazy to let this one sit dormant for too long.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never DVD & Blu-Ray Available in Store on May 13, 2011

Good news beliebers,
Finally, Paramount Home Entertainment releases JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER in DVD/Blu-ray.

Yes, NEVER SAY NEVER will be in stores in DVD/Blu-ray on Friday, May 13, 2011.

What’s inside?

- Feature Film (HD)
- Concert Dance-Off (HD) – Justin and his crew showcase their incredible dance moves
- Favorite Girl (HD) – Live performance from Madison Square Garden
- Giving Back (HD) – An extended look at Justin’s team surprising lucky fans with free concert tickets
- R.I.P. Hair Flip (HD) – The cameras were rolling when Justin cut his famous hair
- Price $27, Buy Now

- Feature Film
- Digital Copy
- Widescreen
- Price $17, Buy Now

Songwriters Suing Justin Bieber ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ for $200,000

Seems like everyone is trying to get a chunk of Justin Bieber’s money. A-Rex songwriting team are looking for $200,000 they claim that they are owed from the hit song.

Justin Bieber’s hit song “One Less Lonely Girl” has a couple of music managers feeling a bit left out in the cold. Vance Tate and Thomas Oliveria, who represent the songwriting team A-Rex — have filed a lawsuit seeking additional royalties from the song, which appears on Bieber’s hit 2008 debut, My World.

In 2008, A-Rex team created a song, “One Less Lonely Girl,” meant for a project by R&B singer Noel Gourdin, and then shopped around. The song eventually found its way onto Justin Bieber’s first album the following year and is credited as a collaboration between R&B superstar Usher, Hamilton, Shin, and two other individuals.

According to The HollywoodReporter.com, Tate and Oliveria claim they are entitled to 10% of publishing royalties associated with A-Rex’s share of the song. The plaintiffs estimate that’s worth at least $200,000 and are seeking damages for breach of contract, fraud, conversion, and copyright infringement.

Justin Bieber “BABY” Hits half BILLION // 500,000,000 views on Youtube

Congrats to Justin Bieber, because today March 29, ‘Baby’ hits half billion views on Youtube.
Wow… that’s 500,000,000 pairs of eyeballs.

However, the video racked up 1.1 million “dislikes” [HATERS] as compared to 578,000 “likes” from viewers [FANS]. So more people DISLIKED the video than liked it but all that matters is that they watched it.
Watch BABY video!

Justin has over 8 Million followers on twitter, and we believe all Bieber FANS watch video BABY at least once on youtube, but why only 578,000 “likes” button? What’s going on? Where are the beliebers?

So beliebers, PLEASE consider to hit the LIKE button when you watch JB’s BABY on youtube.

Even Justin Bieber HAIR Now has it’s Own Bodyguards :)

As previously posted, Justin Bieber signature hair sold for more than $40,000 during a special charity auction on eBay — and now, it’s making special appearances around the country.

YES, JB’s hair is about to go on display at Lucky Strike Lanes in Miami FLORIDA … where beliebers can pose with the hair … as long as they cough up a donation for the tsunami relief effort in Japan.

Why do they need bodyguards for the hair? Simple! because it’s PRECIOUS! :)

Miley Cyrus Dissing Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black?

In recent interview, Miley Cyrus talks how one should become an artist.

“It should be harder to be an artist. You shouldn’t just be able to put a song on YouTube and go out on tour,” Miley said when asked about singer sensation like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, who got their start on the YouTube.

“I don’t lip-sync. I would rather someone say I sang like crap than have people see me lip-sync.”

“I mess up. There you go. But if you live your life trying to be perfect, you don’t really live your life ever.” She told The Daily Telegraph.

Justin Bieber WINs Two Trophies on JUNO AWARDS 2011

Justin Bieber won his first-ever trophies at Juno Awards on Sunday, March 27 night in Toronto, Canada. He won in two categories; Fan Choice Award and Pop Album of the Year for “My World 2.0″.

Justin Bieber didn’t show up at the ceremony due to his tour in Europe. However, he did send a video message in which he said, “I want to thank everybody so much for believing in me. Most of all, I want to thank my mom for raising me in Canada. I want to thank my dad, I want to thank my little brother and sister, because, you know, they’re so cute and just so lovable. I love everybody, my grandma and grandpa. You guys are amazing. Go Leafs go.”

Congrats Justin!

Simon Cowell Says Justin Bieber will have A Long Career Ahead!

Justin Bieber gets the former “American Idol” and “The X Factor” judge’s seal of approval for taking his popularity and stardom into his own hands!

When asked if Justin Bieber is one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” sort-of celebs, Simon Cowell answered: “Absolutely NOT!. Justin is here to stay!”

“I think he’s got a long career ahead of him,” Cowell tells Teen.com.

Why? Simon says it’s because he’s a self-made music man.

“He’s done his own Internet posting and built up his own fan base himself, he plays music, he has a very grown-up relationship with his manager…I think he’s bright,” Simon explains.