Justin Bieber Buys A Diamond Bracelet for Selena Gomez

We’re not sure if this is true or not. But Hollywoodlife.com’s insiders reported that Justin Bieber has bought a diamond bracelet for Selena Gomez as a christmas gift.

“It’s not an engagement ring, but it’s a diamond bracelet to signify that she is his,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com of the lavish Christmas gift.

Sources added: “They’re totally together. They’re attached at the hip. You can’t keep these two apart. She was so touched and taken aback. But, she loved it. It’s the first diamond that anyone has ever given her. He wanted to take their relationship to the next level. He’s really smitten with her. They connect on so many levels.”

Now the question is, who are these insiders? Justin Bieber’s family? friends? It’s not clear!

Justin Bieber’s New Year 2011 Resolution

Justin reveals his new year’s resolution.
In 2011, he just want to make more music, do things he loves, and of course, gives back!

He tweeted:
“All people are equal and all people deserve respect. but with the respect the lord teaches forgiveness. a new year is coming. let him judge. that’s all i really got to say about that.

“I just wanna make music and do what i love. I wanna give back for my blessings and enjoy 2011″.

Justin Bieber wants to Spend New Year 2011 with Family

Justin Bieber says that he just want to hang out with family and friends in new year 2011. He told MTV, “For New Year’s, I’m just hanging out. I’m just going to be with my family.” He added, “Just being with them and relaxing, because I’ve been go, go, go for the past three years.”

Justin will appear in his first film, “Never Say Never”, which opens in February 11. He tweeted, “Chillin and happy. Its been a fun year with a lot of blessings. Some crazy rumors but so much fun and memories. We r just gettin started!!!” In another tweet he indicated, “Need the rest. #grateful”

Justin Bieber, Eminem, Gaga on top 3 World’s Best-Selling Albums of 2010

This is good year for Lady Gaga, Eminem and Justin Bieber. Each megastar has sold more than 5 million copies album all over the world. Lady GaGa has sold albums more than any other artists this year with 5.8 million copies. At the second place on the list is Eminem as he sold around 5.7 million copies. Next, our baby boy Justin Bieber who rakes in 5.6 million copies with his “My World” collections.

Below is complete list of Top 20 world’s best Selling Album of 2010
1. Lady Gaga – The Fame (Monster) – 5.8 million copies
2. Eminem – Recovery – 5.7 million copies
3. Justin Bieber – My Worlds – 5.6 million copies
4. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now – 3.6 million copies
5. Taylor Swift – Speak Now – 3.5 million copies
6. Susan Boyle – The Gift – 3.0 million copies
7. Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D. – 3.0 million copies
8. Michael Buble – Crazy Love – 3.0 million copies
9. Sade – Soldier Of Love – 2.3 million copies
10. Alicia Keys – The Element Of Freedom – 2.3 million copies

11. Katy Perry – Teenage Dream – 2.2 million copies
12. Take That – Progress – 2.2 million copies
13. Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream – 2.1 million copies
14. Ke$ha – Animal – 2.1 million copies
15. Rihanna – Loud – 2.0 million copies
16. Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More – 1.8 million copies
17. Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown – 1.7 million copies
18. Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits – 1.7 million copies
19. Usher – Raymond V Raymond – 1.7 million copies
20. Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns – 1.7 million copies

Justin Bieber Hosting a Private Showing “Never Say Never” at Empire Theater, Ontario

Justin Bieber poses with staff at Empire Theatres in Waterloo, Ontario. Dec. 27, 2010. (Courtesy Empire Theatres)

Justin Bieber visits the Empire Theatres on Ira Needles Boulevard in Waterloo. Ontario – Canada.

Justin was reportedly hosting a private showing of his new feature film “Never Say Never” at the theatre on Monday afternoon. There were around 20 of Bieber’s family and friends, many of whom appear in the film, were at the screening.

Justin Bieber wants mini Motorcycle for Christmas

Justin Bieber has revealed what he hopes to receive as a Christmas gift this holiday. He says he wants a miniature motorbike to join the car his mentor Usher bought him early 2010, for his 16th birthday.

“My mom’s trying to figure out something to get me, I want a motorcycle – not a big one but a little pocket motorcycle. It’s miniature.” Justin explained.

Selena Gomez Takes OFF her Purity Ring for Bieber?

(Left) Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez without the purity ring last weekend.
(Right) Selena Gomez on the red carpet in 2008 with her purity ring.

Selena Gomez was spotted last week with BFF Bieber but without her promise ring.

Two years ago, Selena got her father to buy her the purity ring which signified her vow to abstain from sex until marriage. But last weekend Selena Gomez was spotted entering Bieber’s Tour bus in Miami WITHOUT the purity ring on her finger, according to TMZ.com.

Note: Selena was still wearing her purity ring when attending MTV Music Video Awards September 2010 with Bieber. So she must drop the ring last week? who knows!

Check out the picture below: Selena and Bieber at MTV Music Awards September 2010.

Chris Brown to Duet with Justin Bieber in 2011

Chris Brown is indeed going to make a duet with Justin Bieber. The R&B singer confirmed it on his Twitter, writing: “ME and @justinbieber got a BANGER/SMASH record for all the fans out there at the top of the NEW YEAR!!! 2011.”

Meanwhile Bieber tweeted last October saying:
“Kinda hyped rt now. for a new single teamed up with one of my friends and an artist I used to sing covers of on youtube. BIG RECORD. SMASH!!”

Two tracks will be released on January 1st 2011 by Chris Brown one called “Look At Me Now” and another one (not known yet) featuring Justin Bieber.

As you guys know, Justin is a big fan of Chris Brown. Justin did cover his song “With You” on youtube. It just a matter of time for them to work together. If Chris Brown hadn’t gone through the whole “Beating Up Rihanna” I am sure the DUET would have happened a long time ago.