“Never Say Never” Accoustic Version by Justin Bieber (Official Video)

This is the acoustic version of “Never Say Never”. The original version was sang by Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber, but in acoustic version it only sang by Justin Bieber. This song will be included in MY WORLDS ACOUSTIC come out on store in 23rd of November 2010 ! My Worlds acoustic is acoustic album, the song was taken from My World and My World 2.0 + his new song “PRAY”

Justin Bieber wants to Shave OFF his hair for the next Album

Justin Bieber wants to shave all his hair off.

Justin is known for his trademark hairstyle and said to have thought about changing the way his hair look, claiming he has even debated cutting it all off.

According to The Sun, JB revealed: “It’s Canadian hockey hair. I’ve cut this style different ways, but I was thinking about shaving it off or changing it.”

He added: “I know now isn’t the right time. Maybe for my next album.”

Justin Bieber Debut New Music Video “Never say Never” at World Series Game3

Justin Bieber is shown on the set of the music video for his song “Never Say Never” wearing a San Francisco Giants cap and a Texas Rangers jacket.

Game 3 of the World Series will be targeted to teenagers, thanks to Justin Bieber. Major League Baseball says JB will debut the music video for his song “Never Say Never” on Saturday during Game 3′s pre-show on Fox.

The best-of-seven series is between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. The Giants won the first two games of the series in San Francisco.

Game 3 will take place in Arlington, Texas. Former “American Idol” champion Kelly Clarkson will sing the national anthem in her home state.

Willow Smith and Justin Bieber doing Dougie Dance at the Staples Center LA Oct/25

Justin Bieber’s sold-out concert at the Staples Center in LA October 25 brought a surprise guest, Willow Smith.

For some of you who don’t know Willow Smith, she is an actress and singer who is the daughter of Will Smith and lil sister of Jaden Smith. She made her acting debut in 2007 in the film I Am Legend, and was most successful in the film Kit Kittredge: An American Girl where she won the Young artist award for Best Performance in a Feature Film.

At Justin Bieber concert, Willow Smith sings her first single “Whip My Hair”. In addition to singing, JB and Willow teamed up in a dancing freestyle, teaching screaming fans how to dougie.

A Magazine Denies Photoshopping Makeup on Justin Bieber’s Face (Cover)

Justin Bieber covers the most recent issue of Brazilian Magazine, Todateen Star, and he looks good…maybe a little too good. Todateen Star stands accused of Photoshopping some eyeshadow and lipstick onto Bieber’s face.

Todateen issued the following Photoshop denial to the Huffington Post, which translated it from Portuguese:

“We could not help noticing your comments and tweets from the picture of Justin on the magazine’s cover. We would like to say there was no change made in the area of the singer’s eyes. We had a technical problem that darkens certain areas of the photo.”

“We also want to say that all of us find Justin very naturally beautiful. We’d never think it necessary to alter pictures of him. Natural beauty says it all, right?” Said Todateen Magazine staff.

Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise Pray for Indonesia

Justin Bieber and the Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise spoke about Indonesia on their twitter pages. As you guys may have read on the news, currently Indonesia is facing 3 natural disasters at the same time, Tsunami, earthquake, and volcano.

Since the disasters hit Indonesia, a number of topics of Indonesia have been filling large trending topic on twitter. There are #prayforindonesia, #Bless Indonesia and #Mentawai.

“just found out about the earthquake in Indonesia. everyone please pray for the people there. #prayforindonesia.” Justin tweeted.

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise, who is still in the making of the movie “Mission Impossible” said in his Twitter account :

“Our hearts go out to the people of Merapi & Jakarta, Indonesia, If you know of an organization best assistance to help Indonesia wounded and refugees, please let us know so we can pass along.”

The tsunami and 7.7 magnitude earthquake kiIIed hundreds of people while a dozen people were kiIIed by the volcanoes. In 2004, Indonesian tsunami kiIIed over 230,000 people.

Justin Bieber, Jayden Smith & David Beckam Loving the LA Lakers Game

Justin Bieber sat courtside at the Lakers game last night surrounded by cheerleaders Justin Bieber joined an all star audience to watch the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team receive their championship rings and then go on to beat the Houston Rockets 112-110 at the Staples Centre last night.

Justin and his new bff Jayden Smith sat courtside for the nail-biting game which went to the wire with the Lakers shooting a three point basket at the buzzer to win.

During the game Justin Bieber spent time chatting with football legend and LA Galaxy player David Beckham who has become a regular courtside at Lakers home games. Beckham looked happy and relaxed as he chatted with Bieber.

Just the night before David Beckham and his wife Victoria had taken his three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5, to see Justin in concert.

UK fans Parade “Bring Back Our Bieber”

“Bring back our Bieber”

Over 200 Bieber fans took to the streets of London on 25th October to show how much they want Justin Bieber to return to the UK.

Justin Bieber UK fans have been marching through the streets of London. It’s all to show their love for Justin Bieber and to try and convince him to return to the UK.

JB’s last appearance in UK was at Capital’s Summertime Ball. The organizers, Hasti and Gulcan said their aim was to get Justin to announce another UK tour.